Brihat Manjisthadi Blood Purifier Tablets for Glowing and Blemish Free Skin

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    Frequently Bought Together

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    Brihat Manjisthadi Blood Purifier Tablets for Glowing and Blemish Free Skin Information

    The basic objective of Ayurveda is to identify the root causes of diseases and treat them, thereby eradicating the problem from its source. The treatment of skin diseases in Ayurveda is described as better.

    The doctors at myUpchar conducted extensive research on skin diseases, resulting in the development of 100% myUpchar Ayurveda Brihat Manjisthadi Churna Tablets.

    13 herbs, such as Manjistha, Fennel, Baheda, and Amla, have been used to create myUpchar Ayurveda Brihat Manjisthadi Churna Tablets. These herbs are organically grown, and to maintain their purity, they are extracted from the fields manually instead of using machines. Additionally, traditional Ayurvedic methods are employed to prepare medicine by extracting the essence of these herbs. This whole process takes both patience and effort. Moreover, this Ayurvedic medicine, formulated using ancient scientific techniques, has demonstrated no side effects in any medical research.

    The 100% Ayurvedic myUpchar Ayurveda Brihat Manjisthadi Churna Tablets are unique. Unlike other medicines that use powdered herbs, these tablets are made from herbal extracts, ensuring that the properties of all the herbs are contained in a small capsule. Also, despite the availability of various herbs such as Harad, this particular medicine does not have an astringent taste. Brihat Manjisthadi Churna Tablets prove effective for various skin issues such as eczema, rashes, hives, pigmentation, and acne. They are also utilized for managing chronic skin infections.

    Content: Manjishtha, Choti Ela, Saunf, Pashanbheda, Kalmi Shora, Chota Gokhru, Rewand Chini, Choti Harad, Badi Harad, Baheda, Amla, Gulab Phool, Sanay

    Key Ingredients


    Manjistha extract inhibits acne-causing bacteria and is helpful in managing external inflammations like ulcers and skin conditions. it also lightens the skin and purifies the blood.


    This herb can be applied topically as a medicinal treatment. It has the ability to cure acne, boils, wounds, cuts, and burns. Additionally, it possesses antioxidant properties that protect cells from damage and exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, aiding in the reduction of swelling.


    Baheda is mainly used to make Triphala. It is primarily utilized for relieving pain and inflammation, making it beneficial in treating skin problems such as scabies and itching. Additionally, it helps maintain the skin's structure.


    In Ayurveda, both the root and fruit of Gokshura are used to create medicine. Its usage results in clear and glowing skin. Furthermore, it effectively treats issues like itching, burning, and swelling of the skin. Gokshura is employed as a remedy for various skin diseases.

    Who Should Take It?

    If someone has -

    • Acne.
    • De-pigmentation.
    • Eczema
    • Rashes
    • Hives
    • Dark spots.
    • Blemishes.
    • Skin allergy.
    • Discharging pustules.


    • Purifies blood.
    • Clear skin marks.
    • Stimulates metabolism.
    • Eliminate pimples.
    • Reduces redness, inflammation, and itching of skin.
    • Lighten skin.


    1-2 tablets a day after lunch and dinner with luke warm water or as directed by the doctor.


    • Acute - for at least 3 months or as prescribed by the doctor.
    • Chronic - for at least 6 months or as directed by the doctor.

    Key Points


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    • How should Brihat Manjishtadi be consumed?

    • Are there any side effects of Brihat Manjishthadi?

    • Can Brihat Manjishthadi be used with conventional medicines for skin infections?

    • How long does it take to see results of using Brihat Manjishtadi for skin related problems.

    • Is Brihat Manjishthadi suitable for all skin types?

    • Can Brihat Manjishthadi be used for anti-aging?

    • For how long can Brihat Manjishthadi be used continuously?

    • Does Brihat Manjishthadi have antioxidant properties?

    • Is Brihat Manjishthadi available in different forms?

    • What are the benefits of My Upchar Brihat Manjishtadi Tablet?

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