Fungal Infection treatment with the help of Ayurveda

Fungal infection is a skin disease that can affect people of any age. It can occur on any part of the body and is sometimes contagious. Symptoms of a fungal infection include red rashes, patches, cracks in the skin, pain, and pus-filled rashes. This problem is usually caused by poor hygiene, a weak immune system, or an unhealthy lifestyle. Antifungal medicines and ointments can be used for fungal infection treatment, but they should only be taken under the guidance of a doctor. In conclusion, we offer a complete package in the form of Ayurvedic treatment for fungal infections.
Key Benefits of Package
Helps To Effectively Fight Against Fungal Infections & Other Skin Disease
Soothe Irritated Skin With Protective Ointment
100% Herbal & Free Of Harmful Chemicals
All the products in this package have been prepared using natural ingredients. These Ayurvedic products are effective in treating various types of skin diseases, including fungal infections. This package includes these 3 medicines for fungal infection treatment. -
myUpchar Ayurveda Maha Marichyadi Ointment

myUpchar Ayurveda Maha Marichyadi Ointment is a completely Ayurvedic product. It can be used to treat fungal infections and other skin diseases effectively. The main ingredient of this ointment is Mahamarichyadi oil, which is known for its healing properties against itching, boils, swelling, wounds, and various infections. Additionally, this ointment also contains tea tree oil, which has antifungal properties. Turmeric is another key ingredient that helps in the healing of wounds caused by fungal infections. This ointment also contains various herbs like Karanja, Amaltas, Daruharidra, Manjishtha, Neem, Garlic, and Shea butter that are known for their therapeutic benefits.

myUpchar Ayurveda Brihat Manjisthadi Churna Tablet

Fungal infections can be cured by using myUpchar Ayurveda Brihat Manjisthadi Churna Tablet. Additionally, this Ayurvedic medicine can treat skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and open wounds. The main herb used in this medicine is manjishtha, which heals wounds caused by injury or infection. Antifungal properties are also found in it, and medical research confirms that Manjishtha is beneficial in treating skin diseases. Other ingredients in this skin infection tablet include Gokshura, Amla, Haritaki, Fennel, Baheda, Cardamom, Indian Senna, Pashanbhed, and Rose Petals. In this context, it can be said that this medicine is most effective in the Ayurvedic treatment for fungal infection.

myUpchar Ayurveda Nimbadi Churna Tablet

The myUpchar Ayurveda Nimbadi Churna Tablet is a well-known Ayurvedic medicine prepared from various ingredients. It is primarily used as an Ayurvedic treatment for fungal infection but is also effective for vitiligo, which causes white spots, swelling, and gout. The main ingredient in this medicine is Bakuchi, which helps to stop the growth of fungal infections. Pippali is another important ingredient that helps to reduce swelling caused by the infection. Other ingredients in this Nimbadi Churna tablet include Amla, Daruharidra, Devdaru, Giloy, Turmeric, Haritaki, Jeera, Mustaka (Nut Grass), Neem, Ginger, Ajwain, Vacha, Vidanga, Black Catechu (Khadira), Chakramarda.

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10:1 Potent Extracts Of Natural Herbs. Hence, 10X More Effective Than Their Raw Form.

Mahamarichyadi oil
How To Use
Take atleast 3-6 Months for best result. Or as directed by the Physician. If you have any questions or concerns please,

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“I was troubled by the problem of ringworm for the last 3 years. I took many types of homeopathic medicines and applied many creams, but nothing helped. Then I came to know about myUpchar Ayurveda Maha Marichyadi Ointment as an Ayurvedic treatment for fungal infection. After using this anti-fungal cream for 1 week, my ringworm size started reducing. So I used it continuously for 3 weeks, and today I am completely fine. I heartily thank myUpchar for this amazing product.”
Vishal Sharma 26 Years / Chandigarh
“In the beginning, I experienced a slight itching on my hand, which gradually intensified and developed into a deep wound. The doctor diagnosed it as a fungal infection and prescribed myUpchar Ayurveda Brihat Manjisthadi Churna Tablets and myUpchar Ayurveda Maha Marichyadi Ointment for treatment. Both of these medicines alleviated my itching, and the wound eventually healed. Truly, the medicine from myUpchar is remarkable and has completely eradicated my problem from its root.”
Vidya Shukla 27, Bareli
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which herb is most beneficial for fungal infection treatment?

    Manjishtha, Bakuchi, turmeric, and Mahamarichyadi oil are considered the most beneficial as ayurvedic treatment for fungal infections. In addition, Gokshur, Amla, Haritaki, Baheda, Sanay, Amaltas, Daruharidra, Neem, Garlic, Shea butter, and tea tree oil are also beneficial. That's why myUpchar has created myUpchar Ayurveda Maha Marichyadi Ointment, myUpchar Ayurveda Brihat Manjisthadi Churna Tablet, and myUpchar Ayurveda Nimbadi Churna Tablet by combining these herbs.

  • I have an eczema problem. Which product should I use for this?

    You can take myUpchar Ayurveda Brihat Manjisthadi Churna Tablet, which is most beneficial in curing eczema as it is also a type of fungal infection. Take one tablet in the morning after breakfast and another tablet after dinner with a glass of lukewarm water or milk. Additionally, you can apply myUpchar Ayurveda Maha Marichyadi Ointment on the affected area.

  • Is this product dermatologist approved and certified?

    These products are manufactured under the supervision and instructions of Ayurvedic experts.Hence, it is beneficial to use them as an Ayurvedic treatment for fungal infection.

  • Do I need a prescription to take it?

    No, there is no need for any prescription to buy any of myUpchar Ayurveda products. Yes, if a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding, she must consult a doctor before consuming any Ayurvedic medicine.

  • Can there be any side effects from using these products for a long time?

    No. All our products are Ayurvedic, and you can take them as long as you want, they are completely safe.

  • When Do I Start Noticing Visible Changes?

    It takes a minimum of 3 months

  • What Is The Ideal Frequency Of Dosage?

    This medicine should be taken for at least 3 months.

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