Sarv Sukham Pain Relief Oil, Instant Relief from joint, Knee, Neck, Back, Shoulder and Muscle Pain

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    • Country of Origin: India

    Sarv Sukham Pain Relief Oil, Instant Relief from joint, Knee, Neck, Back, Shoulder and Muscle Pain Information

    • HERBAL PAIN RELIEF OIL: The myUpchar Ayurveda Pain Relief Oil features a potent fusion of 14 natural ingredients.
    • SWIFT ACTION & LONG-LASTING RELIEF: This Pain Oil leverages the benefits of HERBAL & AYURVEDA, with a non-sticky, non-greasy formula, natural coloring, and no additives. A combination of Dashmool, Methi, Atibala, Rasna Saptak, and premium Til Oil effectively eases aches and pains.
    • ENDURING RELIEF PAIN OIL FOR VARIOUS TYPES OF DISCOMFORT: Offers prompt and lasting relief for back pain, body pain, muscle pain, neck pain, muscle pull, frozen shoulder, stiffness, joint pain and sprains. Specifically targets back pain, shoulder pain, hand pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, leg pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and foot discomfort.
    • MASSAGE OIL with the effectiveness of a potent herbal blend for superior pain relief: Crafted with Dashmool, Methi, Atibala, Rasna Saptak, and Til Oil. This body massage oil is made with the finest natural ingredients for exceptional pain relief.
    • HOW TO APPLY - Take 5ml-10 ml of oil and gently massage it onto the affected area. Slightly warming it may enhance the results. Allow the oil to absorb, and for optimal outcomes, use it consistently twice a day.

    Key Ingredients


    Medical research suggests that Methi seeds are helpful for joint pain associated with longer term pain.


    Atibala is an Ayurvedic herb with proven pain relief properties, which is why it's used in Sukham Joint Pain Oil.


    Dashmool is a blend of ten types of roots and herbs that help reduce joint pain.

    Rasna Saptak

    This is the most effective Ayurvedic remedy for general back pain. It contains natural properties that reduce inflammation.

    Who Should Take It?

    If someone has:

    • Sprains
    • Muscle Pain
    • Back Pain
    • Joint Pain
    • Neck pain
    • Shoulder pain
    • Knee pain
    • Muscle pain


    • Provides relief from joint pain
    • Makes muscles more flexible


    Take a small amount of oil in your hands and apply it to the affected area, then gently massage with light hands.


    For Chronic pains, apply consistently for few months for best results

    Key Points

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    5/5 Rating


    Joint pain doesn't stand a chance against Sarv Sukham Oil. It's a must-try for everyone.

    5/5 Rating


    My joint pain has decreased since I started using this oil. Highly recommended!

    5/5 Rating


    Sarv Sukham Pain Relief Oil has made my knee pain a thing of the past. Highly recommend!

    5/5 Rating


    This oil is a game-changer for muscle pain. Quick and reliable relief.

    5/5 Rating


    Knee pain is no match for Sarv Sukham Oil. It's a must-try for everyone.

    5/5 Rating


    This oil is a true lifesaver for neck pain. It offers quick relief and improves mobility.

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