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    Chandraprabha Vati by Myupchar Ayurveda Information

    The basic objective of Ayurveda is to identify the root causes of diseases and treat them, thereby eradicating the problem from its source. Ayurveda provides effective treatment for women's health issues and infertility.

    The doctors at myUpchar have conducted extensive research on the issue of female health, resulting in the development of the 100% myUpchar Ayurveda Chandraprabha Vati.

    According to Ayurveda, "Chandra" means moon, and "Prabha" means luster. Due to these qualities, this medicine gives moons-like luster by curing diseases from the root. myUpchar Ayurveda Chandraprabha Vati is made using 37 herbs, including Shilajit and Guggul. These herbs are organically grown, and to maintain their purity, they are extracted from the fields manually instead of using machines. Additionally, traditional Ayurvedic methods are employed to prepare medicines by extracting the essence of these herbs. This whole process takes both patience and effort. Moreover, this Ayurvedic medicine, formulated using ancient scientific techniques, has demonstrated no side effects in any medical research.

    The 100% Ayurvedic myUpchar Ayurveda Chandraprabha Vati is distinct from other medicines as they are prepared from herbal extracts, unlike other medicines that use herbal powders. As a result, the capsule contains the properties of all the herbs. The constituents of these herbs travel through minute channels in the body and enhance the targeted actions of medicine. Taking this medicine can help cure conditions such as PCOS/PCOD, Infertility, Urinary tract infection, etc.

    Content : Karpur, Vacha, Chirayta, Giloy, Devdaru, Haridra, Ativisha, Daruhaldi, Pippalimool, Chitrakmool, Dhanyak, Harad, Bahera, Amla, Chavya, Vidanga, Gajpippali, Shunthi, Kali mirch, Pippali, Swarnmakshik Bhasma, Yavakshar, Sarjikshara, Saindhav Lavan, Krishna Lavan, Vidd Lavan, Trivrit, Dantimool, Tejapatra, Dalchini, Sukshm Ela, Vanshlochan, Lauh Bhasm, Sharkara, Shudh Shilajit, Shudh Guggulu.

    Key Ingredients


    Extracts from the Guggul herb are found to have anti-inflammatory properties, which protect against infection, reduce pain, and improve the immune system.


    In Ayurveda, Shilajit is referred to as 'Yogavahini,' meaning it significantly enhances the effectiveness of any remedy it is combined with. Moreover, Shilajit is highly regarded as the most beneficial remedy for women's health.


    Baheda is one of the 3 herbs used in making Triphala Churna. It is called Vibhitaki in Sanskrit, which means "medicine that removes the fear of disease". Therefore, this medicine is highly beneficial for curing many diseases. In particular, this herb is known for its effectiveness in addressing women's health issues. It works to balance all three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) in the body. Additionally, it possesses antioxidant properties, which make it beneficial for problems like infertility.


    In Ayurveda, Chirata is known for its pungent and bitter nature. Due to its nature, it helps maintain the balance of three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Additionally, it possesses powerful antioxidant properties and immunomodulatory effects, which contribute to the improvement of the immune system.

    Who Should Take It?

    If someone has -

    • PCOD/PCOS.
    • Urinary tract infection.
    • Abnormal discharges.
    • Infertility (Male and Female).
    • Women’s health problems.
    • Diabetes.
    • Jaundice.
    • Men’s sexual problems.
    • Kidney stone.
    • Enlarged prostate.


    • Reduces infection and inflammation.
    • Helps other medicines in their actions.
    • Regulate hormones in the body.
    • Heal burning sensation and pain in urine.


    Take 1 tablet in the morning after breakfast and 1 tablet after dinner with lukewarm water or as directed by the doctor.


    For better results, use for at least 6 months or as directed by the doctor.

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    5/5 Rating

    Triyadhish Kumar

    Chandraprabha vati is an effective remedy for urinary tract issues such as burning while urinating or intermittent flow of urine etc. For prostrate issues also it helps to improve the status.

    5/5 Rating


    Good product

    5/5 Rating


    Ever since I started using this medicine, I no longer wake up frequently during the night. It has been a positive change for my sleep quality.

    5/5 Rating


    I must say, this product is a great addition to Ayurveda by MyUpchar. It has proven to be effective for UTI and private problems. I have been using it for the past two months and have noticed significant improvements.

    5/5 Rating


    I have tried three different products over the last two months, and I am pleased to say that I have experienced positive effects. It's a very good product for various health concerns.

    5/5 Rating


    I really like this product. It's a nice Ayurvedic medicine that has shown excellent results for me. I highly recommend it.