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People suffering from high cholesterol have to eat very carefully. Those who are at risk of high cholesterol also have to take great care of their diet. To keep the metabolism right, instead of not eating food, it is better to eat in little time. For people who want to stay healthy, it is very difficult to choose such snacks which also take less time to prepare and do not affect the cholesterol level. You would also like to have such snacks which are easy to prepare and can be eaten at home or the office.

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Come, let us know in detail about these snacks –

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Doctors for 5 Best Snacks for Lowering Cholesterol

A healthy snack does not mean that you cannot eat tasty things. Today we are going to tell you about the beneficial snacks for heart health, which you can easily prepare in a microwave in a few minutes. There is no need to eat them by keeping them on a plate like French fries and fritters -


There is a high amount of fiber in maize, due to which the bad cholesterol gets out through the digestive tract even before it spreads in the body. You can keep a few packets of popcorn at your home or office and can easily eat them whenever you feel hungry. It can be made in the microwave without oil or butter. You can also add olive oil or some other herbs to enhance the flavor of popcorn.

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Dried fruits without salt

Dry fruits like almondswalnuts, and pistachios contain a high amount of unsaturated fat which increases good cholesterol (HDL) while reducing bad cholesterol (LDL). Calories are high in these, so do not consume dry fruits in excess. Mix many dry fruits and keep them with you.

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Fruits and Berries

Eat applesstrawberriesgrapes, and other citrus fruits rich in pectin (a type of fiber that lowers LDL levels). The potassium present in these can help in controlling blood pressure.

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Like popcorn, fiber is also found in large quantities in oats. It helps in absorbing cholesterol and transporting it to the digestive tract. The fiber present in oats removes the stool accumulated in the liver. This further helps in reducing LDL cholesterol. You can easily prepare oats in the microwave at home or office.

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Sprouted legumes like kidney beans, black gram, chickpea, and moong dal reduce the risk of heart disease and also lower blood cholesterol levels. It is better to eat legumes and grains by sprouting because it gives you all the nutrients present in them and reduces the gas-causing phytic acid in the stomach. You can also make and eat sprouted grain salad.

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If the cholesterol level is high, it can be cured through a good diet. Therefore, in this article, we have told about some such foods, eating which can help in reducing high cholesterol to some extent. Although all these food items are full of nutrients, before consuming them, it would be better to take expert advice.

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