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As soon as the monsoon arrives, people start enjoying it a lot, but you should also know that monsoon also brings many problems. Although freshness is visible everywhere in monsoon, in this season people start facing many types of skin and hair problems.

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Apart from this, due to the infections occurring in monsoon, the body's resistance naturally decreases. These include common cold, flu, indigestion problems, jaundice, cough, dysentery, typhoid, etc. Therefore you must take good care of your food and drink. You may also be affected by skin diseases like eczema.

Let us know about some such tips that will help you in taking care of your hair and skin this monsoon.

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Monsoon also brings with it many diseases. Along with this, there is a possibility of damage to the hair and skin as well. In such a situation, it is necessary to take special care of hair and skin in this season. For this, it is necessary to pay attention to the tips mentioned in the article here, so that problem like hair fall does not have to be faced.

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Along with taking care of your body, it is also important to take care of your hair. So let us know how to take care of hair in monsoon -

  • Many times we try to protect our hair from the rain, but it is impossible because we often get wet in the rain.
  • As soon as you reach home, wash your hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo and dry it.
  • Always use a gentle shampoo and don't forget to use a conditioner during this season after each wash.
  • At night, massage your hair with coconut oil.
  • You can try heating the oil with curry leaves for your hair so that your hair remains thick and black.
  • Generally, in this season you invite an itchy scalp due to dandruff or some other reasons. In such a situation, the best solution is to apply neem oil.
  • The best suggestion would be to replace heavy organic shampoos and conditioners with herbal products to maintain the natural shine of the hair.
  • Coloring hair is not a good idea in this season.
  • Beer is a good conditioner. Initially wash your hair with beer and after a few minutes wash it with cold water. This tip can help you in adding shine to your hair.
  • It is better to use a hair dryer if necessary if you limit its use. Otherwise, choose to towel dry the moisture from your hair instead.

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Skincare is very important in monsoons as dust particles easily settle on your skin which damages your soft and toned skin regularly. Here are some tips to keep the skin healthy -

  • Use soap-free cleansers and scrubs so that your skin is moist at all times.
  • It is advisable to use an alcohol-free toner as the high humidity can open up your pores.
  • Once the weather turns cold, most of us stop using sunscreen, but you should still use it in this weather.
  • Use waterproof makeup.
  • Opt for a lotion-based serum to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.
  • Avoid bleaching and facials in this season, as bleaching can further damage your face and make your facial skin rough.
  • Wash your lips at night and apply some cream. Avoid lipstick, especially dark shades. Apply coconut oil on the lips if the lips are chapped.
  • Waxing, pedicure, and manicure always help in keeping your skin and body toned at all times.
  • Always wash your face, hands, and feet with lukewarm water as soon as you reach home. It makes you feel fresh and it helps in staying healthy.
  • Although other methods are depending on whether the skin is oily or dry. These are general tips that you should follow once the season starts.

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