Enable Teleconsultation For Any Partner

Embed Web view or integrate via API call to show list of active doctors.
Call gets initiated right away. Allopath GP, Ayurveda, Homeopath doctors available.
Post call, Doctor generates Rx - automatically sent to user via SMS. Pushed back to partner via API call.

User Flow For Consult

myUpchar - Live Consult API: Get Live Doctors

Where, you have to pass user details. User Email is optional and rest of the fields are required.
To filter the doctors list by speciality, pass speciality_id parameter. You can get the SPECIALITY_ID from live_doctor_specialities block
ID Speciality
4 Orthopedics
10 Pediatrics
12 Psychiatry
13 Dentistry
25 General Physician
26 Ayurveda
27 Homeopathy
29 Nutritionist
30 Dietician
33 Sexology
45 Internal Medicine
59 Psychology
66 Obstetrics & Gynaecology

For API_KEY contact myUpchar.

 Expected response format:

Where id in live_doctor_list array is doctor_id. doctor_id will be passed in Call Doctor API.

myUpchar - Live Consult API: Call Doctor API

Where, you will get USER_ID and DOCTOR_ID from the response of the first API.
LAB_REPORT_URL is a url for user's lab report (like blood report or xray) and this field is optional.

Expected response format:
Expected response format for Request a callback doctors:

NOTE: In Beta, a call will be placed with an internal testing number no matter which doctor_id is passed.

myUpchar - Live Consult API: Get Rx

Where, THREAD_ID is provided in the response from Call Doctor API. status in response can be 200 (message: success) or 201 (message: Consultation Thread not present)
Expected response format:

myUpchar - Live Consult API: Get Address

Expected response format:

myUpchar - Live Consult API: Create Address

Where, you have to pass the user address details all fields are required.
Expected response format:

myUpchar - Live Consult API: Order Prescription Medicines

Where, you will get the PRESCRIPTION_ID from get RX API response and ADDRESS_ID from Get Address Api response.
Expected response format: