Vitamins are important for the body's development and are essential for overall health throughout life. These are helpful in maintaining better functioning of the body by strengthening the immune system. For many people, vitamin deficiency is a real problem. An estimated 2 billion people worldwide (mainly in developing countries) have vitamin deficiencies, which can lead to serious disease. Vitamins are essential for the body because they help heal diseases and are needed to produce energy, fibers, bones, teeth, skin, and other organs in the body. There are many types of vitamins and each one has its own importance.

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  1. Why are Vitamins Important for the Body
  2. Why are vitamins necessary for the body
  3. Benefits of Vitamins for the Body
  4. Benefits of Vitamins for Aging
  5. Benefits of Vitamins for Nutrition
  6. Benefits of Vitamins for Immune System
  7. Benefits of Vitamins for Metabolism
  8. Side Effects of Taking Vitamins
  9. Potential Risks of Taking Vitamins
  10. Precautions While Taking vitamin supplements

People who do not eat enough food to fulfill the deficiency of vitamins in their body, then it becomes necessary to take vitamin supplements from outside. Vegetarians are often deprived of many important vitamins that are present in meat, poultry or eggs. Many times the body is not able to absorb vitamins very well and one experiences vitamin deficiency. The quantity of some vitamins required by our body cannot be obtained from food, hence they can be supplied through supplements. Although supplements are safe to use, consult a doctor before using them.

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Vitamins help our body carry out essential processes in everyday life by enabling it to function properly. All vitamins are necessary to supply different nutrients in the body, hence it is very important to take vitamins.


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With the passage of time, the cells of the body start becoming weak, but if food rich in vitamins is taken and all the essential elements are available to the body, then the process of weakening of the cells slows down. Vitamins, like antioxidants, work to protect cells from stress, slowing the aging process.

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Although a well-balanced diet helps in meeting the deficiency of all the essential nutrients in our body, some nutrients are difficult to get from food alone. Then taking a multivitamin can help meet your regular daily requirements for all the essential vitamins and minerals.

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The direct relationship between whether the immune system is healthy or not depends on how many essential elements we are able to supply to the body through our food. Therefore, vitamins are helpful in maintaining a good immune system in the body.

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B-complex vitamins, such as thiamine, riboflavin, folate, biotin, and vitamins B6 and B12 work to convert proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy and cooperate with other enzymes in the body. Being physically active and eating a healthy diet also helps maintain a healthy metabolism.


Vitamins can sometimes cause side effects, especially when taken in larger amounts than necessary. This may cause side effects, including:


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Taking vitamins in excess can also have risks. Some risks of taking vitamins include:

Vitamin A begins to show negative effects when used with retinoid acne medications like Accutane. Taking excessive amounts of Vitamin B6 can damage the nervous system. Excessive amounts of vitamin D can dangerously increase the amount of calcium in the blood. Taking Vitamin E in large amounts increases the effect of blood thinning medicines. By taking Vitamin K, the effect of blood thinning medicines starts reducing.

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It is always better to take multivitamins as per doctor's advice. Constipation and stomach pain may occur in the beginning, which usually resolves after a few days. Read the ingredient list of any supplement you take to make sure you are not allergic to anything in it.

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