Do you wake up repeatedly every night at a particular time? You might be blaming different things for this, but it is actually due to the energy in your body, which you are still unaware of. Let us tell you the exact reason for this and also its better solution.

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According to ancient Chinese medicinal methods, you wake up at a certain time each night because of the body's energy meridians, which are also linked to a clock system. Waking up at different times is due to the weakening or blockage of energy related to certain parts of your body.

Here, information about the reasons and remedies for waking up at different time intervals is being given, which will be beneficial for you. Please note - Some people have the rule to wake up at a fixed time every day, the things mentioned here do not apply to those people.

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  1. 9:00 PM To 11:00 PM
  2. 11:00 PM To 1:00 AM
  3. 1:00 AM To 3:00 AM
  4. 3:00 AM To 5:00 AM
  5. 5:00AM To 7:00 AM
  6. Takeaway

It is bedtime for most people. If you are unable to sleep during these hours, it is because of the stress and worries of the day. You may also find that your fearful or anxious thoughts are becoming more frequent. You may feel scared or insecure. If you have been ill, you may experience stronger symptoms at this time.

If you're having trouble sleeping during these hours, try reciting positive mantras that make you feel safe and protected. Meditate every day before bed to calm your body and sleep better.

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At this time the energy meridian of the gall bladder is activated. You are going through emotional depression at the moment. Blocked energy in this meridian is possibly indicating that you are being too judgmental of yourself or other people. If you have been let down by someone you love, you may feel triggered at this time. Practice forgiveness and self-acceptance to sleep well.

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You are awake at this time because of the energy meridian associated with the Liver. It is related to anger and yang energy (the Chinese term for white energy). Blockage in the Liver meridian can be a sign of anger, anxiety, guilt, and rage. Feelings of unresolved anger and resentment can manifest at this time.

Try to take control of the situation and talk about how you feel. It can also help to practice self-loving affirmations and positive self-talk. Waking up during this time can also indicate that you have too much yang energy in your body, so try to balance yang energy with yin energy by eating cold food and connecting with your emotions.

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This occurs when the meridian that services the lungs is strong. Of course, we are always breathing, but during these hours the lungs get a boost of energy and refill them for the next day. The body needs to be relaxed to breathe, waking up during this time can be a sign of a blockage or inability to be in the flow and comfort of where life is taking you.

To reduce any emotional distress at this time, stop trying to control events and have more trust and faith in the flow of the universe. You may also benefit from taking deep, conscious breaths.

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This occurs when the meridian flowing to the large intestine becomes activated and is symbolic of a need to let go and relinquish control. The large intestine is responsible for cleansing the body of toxic wastes from our digestive tract, so waking up during this time can be a sign of weakness in this area. You can also wake up at this time if you are feeling emotionally blocked or restricted in some way in your life.

It can also be a sign that you need to let go of a burden of guilt or emotion. If you find yourself waking up during this time, you may benefit from practicing mantras that promote trust, comfort, and release in divine timing. You can also get benefits by stretching or cleaning your body.

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By getting a full night's sleep, the body remains fresh and energetic the next day. Therefore, it is advised to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. If someone is a victim of insomnia or is troubled by the problem of frequent sleepless nights, then he should pay attention to his diet. One should sleep at a fixed time at night and wake up at a fixed time in the morning. Along with this, yoga, meditation, and exercise must be done daily.

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