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Delay spray is commonly used for men's sexual problems, especially premature ejaculation. To increase sex timing, as soon as the spray (Long Time Delay Spray) is applied on the penis, it reaches the nerves of the penis and relaxes the blood vessels, due to which the blood pressure in the penis increases during arousal but the sensation decreases and Due to this, semen does not come out quickly and the tension in the penis remains for a long time during sex. Nowadays couples are using it to enjoy sex for a longer period of time, it often has no side effects and is easy to use, their demand has increased a lot in today's time. Today in this article we will tell you about the 10 best delay sprays for men -

  1. Delay Spray For Men - Urjas
  2. ForMen Delay + Spray
  3. Bold Care Extend - Long Last Spray
  4. Invigra Delay Spray For Men
  5. NottyBoy Non Transferable Long Last Spray For Men

Any man's self-confidence can decrease due to lack of performance and early ejaculation. This problem is called premature ejaculation. It can be easily overcome by using Urjas Delay Spray For Men. This spray numbs the skin and reduces sensitivity, which prolongs the performance and helps control climax. Made of lidocaine and isopropyl alcohol, this spray starts showing its effect in 5 minutes. It is safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals. This is the best spray.

For various male sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and lack of libido, try sex time increase oil which improves erection of the penis, relieves premature ejaculation and increases blood flow to the penis.

Delay Spray For Men
₹349  ₹499  30% OFF

ForMen Delay+ Spray is specifically used to treat premature ejaculation. Apart from this, it also increases the time of sexual activity. Use For Men Delay + Spray 15 minutes before having sex.

ForMen Delay+ Spray
₹499  ₹499  0% OFF

Bold Care Extend is a Long Last Spray, which contains Lidocaine. It is helpful in increasing sex timing by reducing sensitivity in the penis of men. It is safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Spray 2-3 times on the penis and wait for 15 minutes.


Invigra Delay Spray For Men is an Ayurvedic medicine available without prescription, which is mainly used to increase sexual potency.

To increase sperm count and prevent premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction by increasing sperm motility, try long time capsule manufactured by myUpchar Ayurveda.

Invigra Delay Spray For Men
₹349  ₹450  22% OFF

NottyBoy Non Transferable Long Last Spray Formulated for those seeking longer lasting pleasure, it is a fast-acting and safe-to-use spray and is safe to use with latex condoms. To use it, first shake the bottle well, spray and wait for some time for it to be absorbed.

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