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Men's reproductive health can be affected by many small and big reasons. There is one such factor, which has attracted the attention of health experts in recent years. The name of this new challenge is hyperspermia. Although it is not a serious disease, it can play an important role in affecting male reproductive health. Its symptoms are more semen coming out at the time of ejaculation and it becoming thicker etc. At the same time, a bad lifestyle, some diseases, and medicines can be the cause of this problem.

Today in this article we are explaining in detail the symptoms, causes, and treatment of hyperspermia -

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  1. What is hyperspermia?
  2. Effect of hyperspermia on fertility
  3. Symptoms of Hyperspermia
  4. Causes of hyperspermia
  5. Treatment for hyperspermia
  6. Takeaway
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Hyperspermia is derived from the Greek words "hyper" (meaning excessive) and "sperm" (meaning seed sperm). This is a condition in which a person produces excessive amounts of semen. However, the amount of semen ejaculated is different in every man, but if a man ejaculates more than 6.3 ml of semen at one time, it may be a case of hyperspermia. According to a study conducted in India, 4% of men suffer from hyperspermia.

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Hyperspermia can affect a man's fertility, but this does not always happen. Some men who have very high semen volume may have less sperm than normal in their fluid, as hyperspermia can cause the fluid to become more dilute.

Having a low sperm count reduces the chances that you can get your partner pregnant. However, you can still get your partner pregnant, but it may take longer than usual. At the same time, if the quantity of semen is high and the number of sperm in it is normal, then your fertility is not affected even if you have hyperspermia.

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The biggest symptom of hyperspermia is that men start feeling an increase in the amount of semen during ejaculation, which is much more than normal. Some of its other symptoms may be as follows -

  • Thicker ejaculate - With increased volume, the consistency of the ejaculate may also become thicker than normal.
  • Discomfort - Some men suffering from hyperspermia may experience discomfort or mild pain during ejaculation due to the large amount of semen expelled.
  • Psychological effects - Hyperspermia can sometimes cause psychological anxiety, as the person may feel anxious or uneasy about the high amount of semen. Men suffering from hyperspermia may have a higher sex drive. It can also cause infertility. All these problems can cause emotional pressure.

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The causes of hyperspermia may be related to the person's physical and mental health. Continuous research is going on to understand this problem and some reasons have also been identified, such as -

Prostate issue

The prostate gland plays an important role in the production of semen. Any inflammation, infection, or internal damage can lead to increased semen production by the prostate gland.

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Underlying health condition

In some cases, hyperspermia can also be caused by an underlying health condition such as diabetes or hormonal disorders. These problems can affect the amount of semen at the time of ejaculation.

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Bad lifestyle

Fast food, lack of exercise, and drug use harm hormonal balance and reproductive health. These are some of the reasons that can create the risk of hyperspermia.

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Medicines and Supplements

Some medications or supplements can affect hormone levels and body functions, which may be a reason for increased semen production.

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Psychological reasons

Stressanxiety, and emotional complications can also affect various aspects of sexual health. Psychological stress can lead to hormonal imbalance or changes in bodily functions, all of which can create a risk of hyperspermia.

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Sex frequency

Indulging in too little sexual activity or masturbating less can lead to the accumulation of semen in the body. As a result, the amount of ejaculation may be greater whenever sex is performed.

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Genetic causes

Genetic factors play an important role in many physiological processes and hyperspermia is also one of them. This problem of some men may be genetic, due to which the production of semen is increased.

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Most cases of hyperspermia are not serious and do not require complex treatments. Some suggestions to solve this problem are as follows -


In some cases, doctors may prescribe medicines to control semen production. However, this happens only when the situation is extreme and the person is feeling extreme distress.

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Underlying Health Condition Management

Hyperspermia can sometimes be the result of chronic diseases, such as inflammation of the prostate gland, hormonal imbalance, or increased sugar levels. Treating all these problems can reduce the symptoms of hyperspermia.

Psychological support

Sometimes, the psychological impact of hyperspermia may be more significant than the physical aspect. Psychotherapists can help you deal with any anxiety, embarrassment, or self-esteem issues.

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Doctor consultation

If hyperspermia is causing serious problems, a doctor should be consulted. The doctor can evaluate your overall health and give you the right treatment accordingly.

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Improve diet

Staying well-hydrated is essential for overall reproductive health. Drinking adequate amounts of water can help control semen production. Apart from this, eating a balanced and nutritious diet can have a positive effect on sex life.

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Change lifestyle

In some cases, making some lifestyle changes can help cure hyperspermia. These changes may include reduced sexual activity. However, it is important to strike a balance, as abstaining from sexual activity for too long may cause discomfort or other problems.

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Hyperspermia can be cured by making lifestyle changes, taking hormone therapy, and not taking stress. You may need to think in the right direction. These are some such strategies, which also make your sex life pleasant. If you are experiencing symptoms of hyperspermia, seeking medical advice is the first step toward improving your quality of life.

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