During pregnancy, your hair automatically becomes thick and shiny, but once the baby is born, your hair suddenly starts falling rapidly. Apart from feeding the baby and taking other care of it, you may be worried due to continuous hair fall. After the baby is born, many women start worrying about their looks. Excessive hair fall troubles almost every new mother.

But there is no need to worry about this and you are not going bald either. This is just a temporary phase that will go away after some time and this is also due to the hormones present inside the body. In this article, we are telling you the reasons for this problem and the home remedies to be adopted.

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  1. Is hair fall after delivery normal?
  2. Causes of hair loss after delivery
  3. Hair loss after childbirth treatment and prevention
  4. Home remedies for hair fall after delivery
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The problem of more hair fall than normal for a few months after delivery is surprising to women, but it is a completely normal situation. Your hair will be back to normal by your baby's first birthday.

Generally, 85 to 95 percent of the hair on your head keeps growing actively, but the other 5 to 15 percent that goes into the resting stage is the cause of hair fall.

Usually, about 100 hairs fall in a day. During pregnancy, hair grows rapidly due to increased levels of estrogen. But when the hair goes into the resting phase after delivery, it also falls rapidly and there is less falling each day.

After you deliver, the estrogen levels in your body decrease and much of the hair goes into the resting phase within five months, excessive amounts of hair fall out when you wash and comb your hair.

Although it is not necessary for all women to have this problem after pregnancy or delivery, this problem is mostly found in women with long hair.

Talk to your doctor about hair loss. Sometimes hair loss can be caused by anemia or postpartum thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid glands within a year after delivery), which are treatable conditions.

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Normally people lose at least 70-100 hairs per day. But due to increased levels of estrogen during pregnancy, this process stops and our hair goes into a resting state due to which instead of falling, our hair remains on our head and at that time the woman's hair becomes thick.

Due to increased levels of hormones during pregnancy, your hair goes into a resting phase called telogen for a longer period. For this reason, hair fall reduces during pregnancy and hair looks dense and thick. This usually begins after five to six weeks and ends in about six to eight months. For many women, hair fall starts within the first month after delivery, while others say that this process starts after about 3 months.

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With delivery, your body undergoes many physical changes due to hormones but as time passes, these changes also gradually go away. Following are the simple ways to reduce hair fall after delivery and deal with this problem -

  • Stay away from stress - Hair loss after delivery is medically called Postpartum Telogen Effluvium. This is a normal phenomenon; they do not go bald. Even normal people have hair fall due to stress. So if you worry about hair fall, more hair will fall.
  • Avoid tight hairstyles - Using tight rubber bands, clips, and rollers or tightly braiding your hair increases tension in your hair and pressure on your scalp. Due to this, the hair gets pulled and breaks.
  • Eat a nutritious diet - You must have realized that when you ate a healthy diet during pregnancy, your hair and skin became very beautiful. Vegetables and nuts are not only healthy foods but they also contain antioxidants and flavonoids that protect hair follicles.
  • Take supplements - Sometimes what you eat does not provide your body with all the minerals and essential vitamins. Talk to your doctor about vitamin B complex, zincvitamin Evitamin C, and biotin supplements. These help in hair growth and prevent hair fall to a great extent.
  • Do not use chemicals in hair - If you wash your hair every day or every other day, choose natural or herbal hair cleansers that do not contain harmful chemicals. Washing hair with strong shampoo damages them and also weakens them. Do not style your hair too much and use heating devices on them.
  • Do not comb excessively - Frequent combing of hair increases hair fall. Additionally, use a wide-toothed comb to brush wet hair as this will reduce stress on your weak hair.
  • Cut your hair short - After the arrival of a newborn baby in the house, the chances of taking care of long hair reduce as you get busy taking care of the baby. Therefore getting a haircut is the best solution. Short hair anyway falls less than long hair.

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When the baby is born, the level of estrogen hormone also decreases and all the hair that was in resting state starts falling out. However, there is not much that can be done to prevent hair loss after delivery. Generally, hair grows back on its own 6-8 months after childbirth. However, the structure or texture of your hair may change temporarily or permanently after pregnancy. It may be too oily or too dry, soft or brittle.

Let us know some effective home remedies that will help in keeping your hair healthy and growing. The following things also help reduce hair fall and damage due to pregnancy:

  • Egg white - Make a pack by mixing one egg white and two spoons of olive oil well. Apply it on your hair for about 30 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm or cold water.
  • Fenugreek seeds - Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Filter this water and apply it on the head for 1-2 hours the next day. Fenugreek seed extract makes your hair healthy and also treats dandruff etc. Repeat this process once or twice a week for quick results. You can also make a paste of roasted fenugreek and then apply it on your head. Or you can also apply it by warming the scalp oil and mixing it in it.
  • Curd - Curd is a very good tonic to prevent hair fall which also improves the quality of hair. Curd is also known as the best conditioner for hair. Apply curd paste on the scalp for 10 minutes and then wash. You can also include curd in your diet to increase the nutritional value of your diet.
  • Hair Massage - Regularly massaging the head increases blood circulation and also helps in hair growth. You should massage your scalp with lukewarm oil once a day for at least 5-10 minutes and if you do not want to apply oil, then massage your hair only with the tips of your fingers. Massaging will also give you relaxation and calm.
  • Amla - Amla has been used for many centuries to nourish hair. This is a powerful tonic that you can add to your diet or juice or apply to hair oil, heat it, and then massage with this Amla oil.
  • Medicinal Oils - Regular massage at night with medicated oils like Mahabhrangraj oil, Arnica oil, or Amla oil is very beneficial for hair growth. Rosemary oil is doctor-recommended for hair as it helps deliver oxygen to the hair roots which leads to hair growth.
  • Coconut - You can use coconut in many forms to prevent hair fall. Hair fall can be reduced by using coconut milk on the scalp. Along with this, you can make ash by burning the hard part of the coconut. Keep this ash in a jar and then every time you go to massage your head, mix this ash with that oil and massage. With regular use, hair will become shiny and thick.
  • Dry fruits and flax seeds - Include flax seeds in your regular diet. They are rich in omega-3 and fats. Consuming more dry fruits and drinking more water also helps in improving hair.
  • Bhringraj - If possible, take some fresh leaves from the Bhringraj plant and dry them in the shade. After it dries, grind it and take 2-3 grams of powder with honey or milk twice a day. You can also apply fresh paste directly on the head and scalp. If you are not able to find its plant, its tablets and powder are also available in the market. Bhringraj is also called “Keshraj” because of its amazing benefits on hair.

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It takes some time to get back to normal life after delivery, due to which you often pay less attention to your hair and the condition of your hair becomes so bad. But by adopting some of the above-mentioned measures, you can get rid of this problem to some extent.

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