Zaarah Long Pepper Seeds

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100 gm Seed in 1 Packet
₹ 255 ₹300 15% OFF Save: ₹45
100 GM SEED 1 Packet ₹ 255 ₹300 15% OFF Save: ₹45

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    Frequently Bought Together

    Frequently Bought Together

    Zaarah Long Pepper Seeds Information

    Zaarah Long Pepper Seeds is primarily used for the treatment of Weak Digestion, Digestive Disorders, Loss of appetite, High Cholesterol, and Liver Disease. The key ingredient of Zaarah Long Pepper Seeds is Pippali. The properties of which have been shared below.

    Ingredients of Zaarah Long Pepper Seeds

    • An agent or medicine used to prevent or treat diabetes by managing blood sugar levels.
    • Agents that reduce inflammation or swelling caused due to an injury or infection.
    • Agents that reduce oxidative stress and revert oxidative damage in the body cells.
    • Substances that improve appetite.
    • Drugs useful in the management of depressive symptoms.
    • Drugs or medications that improve the process of digestion and food absorption.
    • Agents that have a favourable effect on liver function and that mitigate liver damage.
    • Drugs that act on the immune system to modify immune response
    • Medicines that induce defaecation by softening stools and easing bowel movement.
    • Drugs that stimulate the release of digestive enzymes and aid in improving digestion.
    • Agents which are helpful against microbial growth and actions.
    • Substances that reduce total lipids in the body and help manage body cholesterol levels.

    Zaarah Long Pepper Seeds Benefits

    Zaarah Long Pepper Seeds is used to treat the following -

    Zaarah Long Pepper Seeds Side Effects

    No side effects of Zaarah Long Pepper Seeds have been reported in the medical literature. However, you should always consult your doctor before using Zaarah Long Pepper Seeds.

    This medicine data has been created by -

    Dr. Braj Bhushan Ojha

    BAMS, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Ayurveda, Sexology, Diabetology
    10 Years of Experience


    Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Department of Ayush: Government of India. [link]. Volume 4. Ghaziabad, India: Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy; 2004: Page No - 105 - 106

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