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Dr. Chinmay Soni is a renowned doctor in South West Delhi. He specialises in Cardiology. He has been practicing medicine for over 9 years. Dr. Chinmay Soni is now working with rudichpvpivjjv. He has previously practised medicine at Intel corp, ultraatech, tzxtxyrzxtxt. Dr. Chinmay Soni specialises in Arrhythmia Surgery. Apart from His association with different hospitals, He has put His skills to the test in many other ways. Dr. Chinmay Soni has been feted with the RJ, uags. He earned His MVsc from jnv barmer.

services Services

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education Education

  • MVscjnv barmer - 1953

experience Experience

  • InternIntel corp
    23 - Present
  • Dental Surgeonultraatech
    23 - Present
  • Consultantrudichpvpivjjv
    24 - Present
  • Consultanttzxtxyrzxtxt
    1 - Present

Common questions & answers about Dr. Chinmay Soni

Q: How much experience does Dr. Chinmay Soni have?

A: Dr. Chinmay Soni has 9 years' experience in the practice of Allergy and Immunology, AIDS/HIV Sexually Transmitted Infections, Accupunture.

Q: Which treatments does Dr. Chinmay Soni offer to patients?

A: Services that Dr. Chinmay Soni offers include Arrhythmia Surgery. Check above to know the complete set of services and treatments that Dr. Chinmay Soni offers.

Q: How to set up an appointment with Dr. Chinmay Soni?

A: You can take an appointment with Dr. Chinmay Soni for online consultation or for an in-clinic visit via myUpchar - just click on "Book an appointment" above!

Awards Awards

  • RJ - 1995
  • uags - 1994
  • asfvhh - 1995
  • sunilghcg - 1998
  • vavavaav - 1998

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