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Dr. Amit Yadav is a well-known doctor based in South Delhi who specialises in Dentistry. Dr. Amit Yadav has been practicing medicine for over 13 years. Dr. Amit Yadav specialises in Complete dental care. Apart from hospital affiliations, Dr. Amit Yadav has been working actively in various fields.

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Complete dental care

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Common questions & answers about Dr. Amit Yadav

Q: How many years of experience does Dr. Amit Yadav have?

A: Dr. Amit Yadav has 13 years' experience in the practice of Dentistry.

Q: Which treatments does Dr. Amit Yadav offer to patients?

A: Services that Dr. Amit Yadav offers include Complete dental care. Check above to know the complete set of services and treatments that Dr. Amit Yadav offers.

Q: How to set up an appointment with Dr. Amit Yadav?

A: Click on "Book an appointment" for an online consultation or an in-clinic appointment with Dr. Amit Yadav through myUpchar.

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