Dhat Syndrome

Dr. Rajalakshmi VK (AIIMS)MBBS

November 02, 2018

April 13, 2021

Dhat Syndrome
Dhat Syndrome


Dhat Syndrome is a disorder in which men experience unprompted (involuntary) ejaculation i.e, discharge of semen without any sexual activity. Imbalance of emotions, alcohol consumption,  are among some of the causes of Dhat Syndrome. Some men suffer from ejaculation during sleep. Frequent Dhat Syndrome in a male can cause adverse effects on the body. It is believed that Dhat Syndrome occurs due to excess production of sperms in the body, however, no conclusive research is available on this. Men often experience Dhat Syndrome during adolescence, as in this age the hormone levels increase leading to an increase in semen production. In Dhat Syndrome, the excess semen is discharged from the body via ejaculation.

Dhat Syndrome symptoms

Commonly observed symptoms in Dhat Syndrome are as follows:

  • Poor concentration.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Back pain.
  • Fatigue.
  • Depression.
  • Poor memory.
  • Dull eyes.
  • Sweating at night.
  • Sweating around the testicles.
  • Moist and warm skin.
  • Hot and humid soles and palms.
  • Pain in the perineum [the area between the scrotum (skin covering the testicles) and the anus] or testicles.
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Dhat Syndrome causes and risk factors


Following is a list of causes of Dhat Syndrome:

  • Tight foreskin.
  • Stress.
  • Alcohol consumption.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Disorders due to hormonal imbalances
  • Side effects of medicines.
  • Frequent masturbation.
  • Weak nervous system.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Depression.
  • Smoking.
  • Exhaustion.
  • Abstinence (refraining from sex or masturbation).
  • Congestion of the prostate gland (swelling of the prostate gland due to fluid accumulation).
  • Weak digestive system.
  • A thought or a vision that creates a sexual stimulus.
  • Excessive sexual intercourse.
  • Eating a high protein diet.
  • Testosterone based medications.
  • Piles (inflamed and swollen veins in the anus that bleed).
  • Anal fissure (a tear in the lining of the anus).

According to Ayurveda, Spermatorrhoea occurs when the "vat dosha" (air element) and the "pitta dosha" (fire element) of the body become intense in their activity. Nervousness and anxiety are the reasons due to which these doshas get aggravated.

Risk Factors

No clear risk factors have been identified.

Prevention of Dhat Syndrome

There are no clear ways to prevent Dhat Syndrome, but you can practice yoga to improve the function and quality of your sperms and to improve your control over ejaculation. Herbal formulas suggested by an Ayurvedic doctor and home remedies can also be helpful in preventing Dhat Syndrome. Some of these have been mentioned in the sections below. 

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Diagnosis of Culture Bound Syndrome

Your doctor will ask questions regarding your sex life and conduct a general examination to determine your overall health status. Your doctor will ask you to get blood tests or a testosterone hormone test done if you have a problem of erection along with involuntary ejaculation. Your doctor may also advise you to consult a urologist (a specialist for the disorders of the urinary system) or a mental health professional who specializes in sexual health counselling.

Dhat Syndrome treatment

In the case of Dhat Syndrome which occurs at night, there is no need for treatment. The episodes usually reduce after the age of 20. These nightly ejaculations may be frequent when sexual intercourse or masturbation is reduced. Medications are prescribed based on the cause of Dhat Syndrome. Herbal remedies are helpful in treating Dhat Syndrome.

You can consume foods, which will help you manage Dhat Syndrome like pineapple, plum, and root vegetables like ginger and onions.

Herbal remedies for Dhat Syndrome

These include:

  • A glass of milk with overnight soaked almonds.
  • One glass of warm milk with two to three strands of saffron.
  • Three to four cloves of garlic chewed every day.
  • Herbal formula of ashwagandha, bala, and vidar with warm goat milk (goat milk is more effective than cow milk, but if goat’s milk is not available, cow’s milk works as well).
  • One cup of boiled water with half a tablespoon of asparagus every day.
  • A tablespoon of lajvanti powder with milk every day in the morning.

Lifestyle management

Following is a list of self-care tips that can help you manage Dhat Syndrome:

  • Have a light dinner.
  • Try using a hard mattress while sleeping at night.
  • Avoid using tight underwear or tight clothes while sleeping.
  • Consume a nutritious and balanced diet comprising of plenty of raw, fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Limit consuming alcohol.
  • Set up an alarm and wake up early in the morning, since Dhat Syndrome usually occurs in the first few hours of the early morning/after dawn.
  • Keep your genital area clean.
  • Consult a doctor if you suffer from constipation.
  • Kegel exercises can help you manage Dhat Syndrome by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Contract your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles supporting your bladder, bowel, and the urine tube) for five seconds. Hold the contraction for five seconds and then relax for five seconds. Keep your breathing pace normal while doing this. Do this exercise for up to 10 times. If you feel uncomfortable while doing the exercise, stop and rest for a while and try repeating it again.
  • Avoid eating spicy foods.
  • Bathe in cold water.
  • Empty your bladder before sleeping.
  • Avoid drinking water before going to bed.
  • Develop habits of reading good books and listening to relaxing music to divert your mind and keep your mind occupied.

Yoga for Dhat Syndrome

The following yogasanas can help you manage Dhat Syndrome:

  • Goumukhasana
    This asana helps men get a better control over their ejaculation
    • Sit upright on the ground and stretch your legs in front of you.
    • Slowly bend your left leg and place it beneath your right buttock.
    • Lift your right leg and place it over your left thigh. Keep your knees close, one above another.
    • Place your left arm behind your back horizontally. Stretch your right arm as much as you can over your right shoulder till it reaches your left hand.
    • Slightly lean back, expand your chest and keep the trunk erect. Concentrate on your breathing and hold this pose for as long as you can. Take slow and deep breaths.
    • Repeat this with the left knee on top of the right knee, place your right arm behind your back and stretch your left arm above the left shoulder to reach the right hand.
  • Bhujangasana
    This asana helps men to control premature ejaculation. It also helps men make erections last longer in bed.
    • Lie straight on your stomach and place your hands on the sides.
    • Move your hands to the front at the shoulder level and place your palms on the floor.
    • Raise your trunk and head, and inhale as you do this. Place your body’s weight on your palms while doing so. Make sure that your arms are bent at your elbows at this stage.
    • Arch your neck backward (as if a cobra with a raised hood). Ensure that your shoulders are away from your ears and your shoulder blades are firm. Press your thighs, feet and hips into the floor. Hold this position and breathe normally for about 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Uttanapadasana 
    This asana helps to improve the digestive system and also helps a man in controlling the number of times he ejaculates.
    • Lie on your back and place your feet together. Place your palms facing the floor, a few inches away from the body.
    • Raise both your legs to 30 degrees as you inhale.
    • Bring your legs back to the ground without bending your knees and exhale.
    • Raise your legs this time to 60 degrees and retain the same breathing pattern.
  • Sarvangasana 
    This asana improves the function of testes and helps in improving the quality of the sperms as well as the semen.
    • Lie on your back, raise your legs upward and straight and inhale as you do this. Lift your upper body and buttocks from the floor as well.
    • Support your back with your hands. Till the weight of your body rests on your upper arms, shoulders and on the neck, slowly extend your legs completely upward.
    • Your back and legs come in a vertical line and your chin touches your chest.
    • Bring the knees down and exhale, gradually return to the beginning position.
  • Kandharasana 
    This asana improves sexual desire in both men and women. It also helps in improving the quality and function of sperms.
    • Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees and bring your heels closer to the buttocks.
    • Hold your ankles and pull them back till your feet touch your buttocks.
    • Raise your buttocks and retain your breath. Arch your back upwards. Your shoulder portion and feet should stay on the ground.
    • The body weight is supported by your shoulders, arms, neck, head and the feet. Retain this pose for as long as you can.
  • Pranayama 
    Anulom-vilom and Bahya pranayama:
    • Sit in the padmasana pose (sit on the floor, stretch your legs. Hold your right leg in both the hands and fold it. Slowly place it on your left thigh. Repeat the same for your left leg).
    • Rest your hands on the knees and close your eyes. Inhale as much as you can from your left nostril (this will fill your lungs with air) while closing your right nostril with the thumb.
    • Remove your thumb from the right nostril and exhale. Close your left nostril with your middle finger as you exhale. Repeat this procedure for 5 minutes.

Dhat Syndrome prognosis and complications


Outcomes of Dhat Syndrome are excellent with rare complications.


If Dhat Syndrome is not treated properly it can lead to the following problems:

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What is Dhat Syndrome (Culture Bound Syndrome)

Dhat Syndrome is an involuntary discharge of semen without an erection or an orgasm (without any sexual activity). If Dhat Syndrome happens at night due to an erotic dream, the person is said to have wet dreams. In Dhat Syndrome, the discharge contains sperms which makes it different from other emissions. Sperms are those elements of the semen, which are responsible for fertilization of the egg in females, leading to pregnancy.


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Medicines for Dhat Syndrome

Medicines listed below are available for Dhat Syndrome. Please note that you should not take any medicines without doctor consultation. Taking any medicine without doctor's consultation can cause serious problems.

Lab Tests recommended for Dhat Syndrome

Number of tests are available for Dhat Syndrome. We have listed commonly prescribed tests below:

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