Getting pimples on the face just before going to a wedding or a party is like a nightmare for any woman. Pimples not only spoil the beauty of the skin, but it also spoils the mood. To get rid of it, people use different types of creams from home remedies to the ones available in the market. As far as the cream is concerned, many people remain confused about which cream is right to use. Therefore, here we are telling about some such creams, which can get rid of the problem of acne as soon as possible.

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Come, in this article, we know in detail about these best creams -

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Doctors for 8 Best creams for pimples

The creams we are talking about here, in the eyes of experts, these creams are excellent in removing the problem of acne. Come, let us know in detail about these creams -

Tretinoin cream

This cream can prove to be excellent to remove the problem of acne. It contains Vitamin A, which helps protect the skin cells from damage. Dead cells can be removed from the skin by using this cream. Also, it is helpful in the formation of new cells. It not only treats acne but problems like wrinkles can also be removed by using this cream.

According to skin experts, the use of tretinoin cream makes the skin soft. Also, it exfoliates the skin. It helps take out the dirt accumulated in the pores, which prevents the problem of acne from growing.

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Tazorac Cream

Tazorac cream can be used for varying severity of acne. This cream contains an active ingredient called tazarotene. It is a retinoid, which is commonly used to relieve acne problems. Skin care experts recommend the application of Tazorac Gel for mild to moderate acne. Whereas, in severe cases, it is advised to apply Tazorac cream.

According to skin care experts, tazarotene is another type of retinoid, which prevents excessive growth of skin cells. Also, it is effective for treating acne by preventing the build-up of dead skin cells. Not only this, but it also reduces inflammation of the skin.

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Altreno Cream

Ultreno cream can also prove to be good for removing pimples. Many skin experts recommend Ultreno for adults when they are prone to acne. Ultreno contains Tretinoin, which is a retinoid. It is generally considered effective in removing the problem of acne. Ultreno is a lightweight cream that targets breakouts while moisturizing the skin.

According to skin experts, the retinoids present in this cream prevent the cells from sticking together and blocking the pores. Also, this cream removes extra oil from the skin, which reduces the chances of acne.

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AKLIEF (Trifarotene) Cream

This cream is also effective in removing pimples on the chest, back, and shoulders. This cream contains 0.005 percent Trifarotene, which is a type of retinoid. This cream removes dead cells from the skin and prevents new pimples from forming. Also, this cream reduces inflammation of the skin.

According to experts, Trifarotene present in this cream is an effective retinoid, which can help remove acne from the skin effectively.

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La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

With the use of "La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + Anti-Blemish Moisturizer", the problem of acne can be removed from the skin. This moisturizer is being used for years. This moisturizer removes the problem of acne by removing extra oil from the skin. Also, it can be effective in removing dead cells from the skin. Not only this, it is also effective in removing the problem of blemishes from the skin.

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Mario Badescu Dry Lotion

There are many other ingredients in this cream including salicylic acid, sulfur, and zinc oxide that can be effective in fighting acne. It helps remove stubborn impurities from the skin. Also, it is effective in removing stains. The calamine present in it soothes the skin. Also, the salicylic acid present in the cream penetrates deep into the pores and exfoliates the skin cells. Also, it reduces the production of sebum.

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ZO Skin Health Acne Control Cream

Zoe Skin Health Acne Control Cream can be effective in clearing up acne. It contains about 10 percent benzoyl peroxide, which is considered very effective for the skin. The tea tree oil present in this cream is effective in keeping the skin safe. Not only this, green tea, pine bark, red tea, and grape oil are present in this cream, which is effective in removing pimples from the skin.

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Murad Acne Control

Murad Acne Control Cream can be effective in getting rid of acne problems from the skin as soon as possible. The company claims that this cream starts showing its effect in just 4 hours. This cream contains 2 percent acne-zooming queen salicylic acid and witch hazel, which tighten pores and reduce inflammation. Also, it is effective for spot treatment.

Skin irritation can be reduced by using this cream. It contains many natural ingredients, such as shea butter, pine, and thyme, which are considered good for the skin. Experts say that using this cream regularly can reduce the problem of acne.

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Some other creams for acne

  • ELF Acne Fighting Spot Gel
  • Paula's Choice CLEAR Extra Strength Skin Clearing Treatment
  • Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment
  • ESPADA Blue Light Acne Treatment

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You can use any of these creams to remove the problem of acne. These creams can be effective in removing the problem of acne, but keep in mind that before using these creams on the face, do a patch test. On the other hand, if you feel any kind of allergy to them, contact the doctor immediately. Also, keep in mind that if the problem of acne is increasing, then apply some kind of product on the face or skin only after consulting an expert.

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