Haemorrhoids are a type of blood vessels in the rectal and anal area. Piles refer to a condition marked by swelling of these blood vessels. It can occur inside the rectum (internal piles) or outside the surface of anus (external piles). Some of the primary causes of piles include chronic constipation, pregnancy, severe chronic cough, and heredity. Bleeding is one of the most common symptoms of internal piles. However, in case of prolapse (sliding out of hemorrhoidal tissue through anus) this bleeding is also associated with excessive pain. Prolapse usually occurs due to stretching of blood vessels with growing pressure, such as during constipation

Depending on the severity of the protrusion and the ease of treatment, piles are graded from stage 1 to stage 4. Conventional treatment of piles involves lifestyle and dietary changes along with steroids and pain relieving medications. Surgery is required when piles are associated with severe pain and bleeding.

Homeopathy helps in treating the cause of piles, which subsequently cures the disease. Homeopathic remedies facilitate reduction in constipation, which is the most common cause of piles. Various homeopathic medicines such as sulphur, sepia. pulsatilla, phosphorus, nux vomica, nitric acid, ratanhia, kali mur, ignatia, hamamelis, arsenicum album, ammonium carb, aloe socotrina, aesculus hippocastanum, muriatic acid, collinsonia, mellifolium, etc. are used in the treatment of piles. 

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The following constitutional homeopathic medicines are helpful in the treatment of piles:

  • Sulphur
    Common name: Brimstone
    Symptoms: Sulphur is used in the treatment of both internal and external piles. It is best suited for people who are thin with stooped shoulders, are anxious, fast to react, sensitive to changes in atmosphere, and dislike standing position. Brimstone helps in the treatment of congestion of blood in veins that results in piles. It is effective in alleviating the following symptoms:
    • A tendency for recurrence of piles
    • Itching sensation around the anal region with piles
    • Anal bleeding that may or may not be associated with piles
    • Enlarged haemorrhoids, with severe pain that radiates to the back
    • Inability to walk due to severe pain in the anal region
    • Severe bearing down pain in the anus that is aggravated after sitting and on lying down.
    • Discharge of thin slimy fluid from haemorrhoids that flows involuntarily and results in severe itching
    • The discomfort due to piles is alleviated in a standing position 

A clinical study reported significant  improvement in piles symptoms in patients treated with sulphur

  • Phosphorus
    Common name: Phosphorus
    Symptoms: This medicine is best suited to individuals who are thin, of fair complexion with delicate eyelashes. Such people have stooped shoulders and are nervous by nature. Phosphorus is used to treat haemorrhoids or piles that are associated with the following symptoms:
    • Enlarged haemorrhoids with bleeding
    • Haemorrhoids bulge out easily (even while passing out gas) due to an extremely relaxed opening of the anus
    • Haemorrhoid tissue protrudes while passing stools due to lax anal opening
    • The person feels as if their anus is relaxed and wide open
    • Severe burning sensation in haemorrhoidal tissue with excessive bleeding
    • Passage of thin mucous discharge from haemorrhoids
    • Piles associated with sinking sensation in the stomach. The person feels better by rubbing skin generally
    • Improvement in symptoms after washing the anal area with cold water 

A case study reported significant improvement in piles symptoms in a 12-year old child who was treated with phosphorus. No recurrence was noted in a 2.5-year follow-up.

  • Nux vomica
    Common name: Poison Nut
    Symptoms: This medicine acts best in people who are intelligent, irritable by nature, and have a sedentary lifestyle. They are prone to constipation and are usually alcoholic. It is most effective in people who experience the following symptoms:
    • Piles caused due to chronic constipation from lack of activity, after pregnancy and childbirth.
    • Piles may or may not bleed and are associated with a severe burning sensation, which gets better on sitting in cold water.
    • Itching in haemorrhoidal tissue that gets aggravated at night.
    • A continuous urge to pass stool.
    • Passage of bright blood or blood mixed with mucus along with stools (Read more: Blood in stools treatment)
    • The person is aggravated from cold in general.
    • Pain in the haemorrhoids that  gets worse on touching and after eating spicy food

A research study showed that nux vomica is effective is providing relief from distressing symptoms of piles, especially bleeding in acute cases.

  • Aesculus Hippocastanum
    Common name: Horse Chestnut
    Symptoms: This medicine is best suited to people who have a tendency towards gastric problems, piles, and chronic constipation. individuals who require aesculus are irritable, sad, depressed, and take time to calm down when angry. It is useful in the treatment of piles associated with the following symptoms:
    • Piles arising due to chronic constipation
    • Painful haemorrhoids that don’t bleed as often Sensation of heaviness or fullness in rectum, which is experienced after passing stools
    • Severe burning pain with intense itching in anus, which is worse while walking and gets better by rubbing or pressing the anal region
    • Cutting pain in anus and rectum. Rectal pain that continues for a long time after passing stools and radiates to the lower back
    • Blockage of rectum with large non-bleeding piles, which result in constipation
    • Haemorrhoids are purple in colour, bulge out of the anus, and appear like a bunch of grapes
    • Enlarged and painful haemorrhoids  which makes it difficult to sit, stand, or lie down
    • Intense weakness due to piles
    • Piles get aggravated during winter season and get worse while walking
    • Taking rest in either sitting or lying position aggravates rectal  pain and bleeding provides temporary relief from pain 

Research studies show that aesculus hippocastanum is an effective remedy for the treatment of acute attacks of piles.

  • Hamamelis Virginica
    Common name: Witch Hazel
    Symptoms: Hamamelis is effective in relieving increase in piles symptoms and is usually administered as an adjunct to constitutional homeopathic remedies in case of chronic piles with severe bleeding. This medicine is recommended in case of the  following symptoms:
    • Severe bleeding of dark red blood from haemorrhoids.
    • Bleeding with a sensation of intense soreness in the anal region.
    • Piles with a sensation of heaviness in back, as if the back is going to break. 
  • Pulsatilla Nigricans
    Common name: Wind Flower
    Symptoms: This medicine acts best in people who are mild, sensitive, and fearful by nature. They have a tendency to weep easily, cannot take decisions and have a wandering or unstable mind with varying physical symptoms. It is helpful for individuals who experience the following symptoms:
    • Non-bleeding piles
    • Severe pain associated with piles that extends to the back
    • Intense itching and stitching sensation in the anal region due to piles
    • Haemorrhoids  bulging out of the anus with discharge of mucus stained with blood, especially while passing stools
    • Severe bleeding from haemorrhoids
    • Bleeding from piles is associated with loss of consciousness or fainting
    • Piles are better after application of cold water and are aggravated by heat or warmth.

A scientific study showed that pulsatilla is effective in the treatment of acute attack of haemorrhoids.

  • Aloe Socotrina
    Common name: Common Aloes
    Symptoms: This medicine is best suited to people who have a tendency for constipation and gastric troubles with lax muscles. Such people are usually angry and irritated due to constipation. It is helpful for treating piles when it presents with the following symptoms:
    • Bleeding piles, especially occurring in old age
    • Piles bleed heavily and protrude out on the anus like a bunch of grapes
    • Severe bearing down sensation in anus
    • Extreme soreness and sensation of heat associated with piles
    • Person feels better by applying cold water on the anal region
    • Burning sensation and itching in haemorrhoids that gets worse at night
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Homeopathic medicines are administered in extremely small and potentiated doses. Their action tends to be easily disturbed by various elements in our routine lifestyle. Hence, it is essential to incorporate and restrict certain factors in order to establish an undisturbed and effective treatment.


  • Follow a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced and nutritious diet and regular exercise. (Read more: Balanced diet chart)
  • Read knowledgeable and informative articles or books that will keep your mind busy.


  • Avoid eating or drinking food items with a strong flavour or smell, such as coffee, and foods that contain medicinal or aromatic herbs.
  • Avoid using strong spices that may aggravate piles.
  • Avoid consuming spoilt or stale food items such as meat, old cheese, stale vegetables, etc.
  • Avoid eating too much food; and excessive intake of salt and sugar.
  • Avoid an inactive lifestyle.

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that is based on the law of similars and concept of individualisation. This indicates that medicines that produce negative effects in healthy people are able to cure similar symptoms in sick individuals when given in potentiated doses. Along with disease symptoms, miasm of the disease (a tendency of a particular disease) also plays an important role in the selection of a suitable remedy

Piles are chiefly caused by prolonged straining while passing stools and due to chronic constipation. Homeopathic medicines treat the cause of the disease in order to establish a permanent cure. These medicines trigger the body’s own healing power in order to get rid of disease and restore health. Homeopathic medicines, prescribed by a qualified doctor, improve the general health and also prevent recurrence of piles.

According to a research study, constitutional homeopathic medicines selected on the basis of detailed patient history, complete physical examination, and characteristic symptoms of the patient are most effective in curing the discomforting symptoms (pain, heaviness in anal region, itching around the anus) of piles. It has further been suggested that individualised homeopathic medicines used for treating piles help in improving the general quality of life, along with improving piles symptoms. 

However, in severe cases of piles, when pain and bleeding fail to respond to homeopathic medicines alone, surgery is essential to establish a cure.

Homeopathic medicines are administered in highly potentiated doses, which are considered to be safe when taken under the supervision of an experienced doctor. Additionally, there are no risk factors associated with homeopathic treatment for piles and homeopathic remedies are exceedingly safe for patients of different age groups.

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Homeopathic treatment  provides long-lasting relief from pain and bleeding due to piles. It also prevents recurrence and complications of piles (strangulation, gangrene, etc.). Homeopathic medicines are considered to be completely safe when taken in right dosage and after talking to an experienced physician.

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