Leucorrhoea is a common complaint among women and it is characterised by an abnormal and excessive vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge is a normal part of a woman’s physiology. It is a slimy transparent fluid that keeps the vagina moist and well lubricated. It also helps prevent vaginal infections. Secretion of vaginal discharge is regulated by estrogen, a female hormone. Vaginal discharge may increase or decrease depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle a woman is in and is usually highest around ovulation. 

The most common symptom of leucorrhoea is the presence of thick or thin white or yellowish discharge from the vagina (it is usually visible on the undergarments). Excessive discharge without itching is usually a hormonal abnormality. However, when leucorrhea occurs due to a bacterial or fungal infection or an STD, it may be associated with some other symptoms including intense itching, soreness and inflammation in the vaginal area, frequent urge to urinate along with burning sensation while urinating, general weakness and lethargy, pain during sexual activity with swelling in the genital tract, lower back pain, abdominal discomfort, and pain in thighs

Improper hygiene and use of spermicidal creams and ointments, which tend to irritate the lining of the reproductive parts, especially the vaginal area, could also cause excessive discharge. In a few cases, injury to the cervical and vaginal area during childbirth, sexual activity, and muscle injury can result in leucorrhoea. Presence of certain medical conditions such as diabetes and anaemia can also be a probable cause of leucorrhoea in some women.

A doctor will usually inquire about the symptoms in order to make a proper diagnosis. The possibility of any other underlying infection may be ruled out by conducting a physical exam or a urine test. Homeopathy can offer a holistic approach to treating this problem with least possible side effects. Remedies such as borax, graphites, and cantharis vesicatora can be used effectively for remedying this condition.

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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Leucorrhea
  • Antimonium Crudum
    Common name: Black Sulphide of Antimony
    Symptoms: The following symptoms are noted in a patient requiring this homeopathic remedy:
    • Tenderness in ovaries
    • Feeling a pressure on the uterus
    • Toothache and headache before menstruation
    • Watery discharge from vagina
    • Itching in the genital area
  • Alumina
    Common name: Oxide of Aluminium Argilla
    Symptoms: The following symptoms may be seen in the individual requiring Alumina:
    • Scanty menstruation
    • Menstruation occurs too early and lasts for a short duration
    • Bloating during menstruation
    • Headaches and pain in the body before menstruation
    • Weakness and fatigue after the period ends
    • Leucorrhoea occurs with secondary symptoms such as trembling and fatigue
    • Secretion of flesh coloured discharge from vagina
    • Discharge of transparent mucus before and after menstruation
  • Borax
    Common name: Borate of Sodium
    Symptoms: The typical symptoms that are relieved by this remedy are:
    • Pale red coloured discharge from vagina
    • Starch like thick discharge from vagina
    • Swelling and inflammation in vaginal lips
    • Stinging pain in clitoris
  • Calcarea Carbonica
    Common name: Carbonate of Lime
    Symptoms: Calcerea carbonica is a well-suited remedy for addressing the following symptoms:
    • Headache and chills before menstruation
    • Severe pain in uterus
    • Menses occur too early and lasts for very long
    • Heavy bleeding during menses
    • Burning sensation and itching in the genital area, especially before and after menstruation
    • Increased sexual desire
    • Swelling and tenderness in breasts before menstruation
    • Cravings for indigestible things such as chalk
  • Cantharis Vesicatora
    Common name: Spanish Fly
    Symptoms: Cantharis is an effective remedy for the treatment of the following symptoms:
    • Early and profuse menses
    • Swelling and discoloration of vulva
    • Irritation in genital area
    • Constant discharge from uterus
    • Burning pain in ovaries
    • Sensitivity of ovaries
  • Graphites
    Common name: Black Lead
    Symptoms: The following symptoms are usually present in the individual requiring graphites:
    • Decreased sexual desire
    • Appearance of pimples and vesicles on vulva
    • Soreness in vaginal area
    • Painful swelling in ovaries, which gets worse after menses
    • Tearing and grinding pain in the right ovary
    • Pain in uterus when extending the arms upwards
    • Scanty discharge from uterus
    • Feeling heaviness in limbs
    • Sensitivity in breasts
    • Excessive seccretion of white and watery liquid from vagina
    • Sensitivity in groin
  • Kali Bichromium
    Common name: Bichromate of Potash
    Symptoms: Kali Bichromium helps relieve the following symptoms:
    • Early menses accompanied by giddiness, nausea, and headaches
    • Swelling in genital area
    • Inflammation and rawness in vaginal area
    • Yellow and ropy vaginal discharge
    • Pain in the lower back and abdomen during excessive discharge from vagina
  • Kreosotum
    Common name: Kreosote
    Symptoms: This remedy is effective in relieving thefollowing symptoms:
    • Discharge of black blood during menses
    • Leucorrhoea accompanied with irritation and abdominal spasms
    • During menses, symptoms such as constipation, pressive pain, and sweating may occur
    • Leucorrhoea after menses
    • Mentrual flow occurs only when lying down
    • Vaginal discharge is accompanied by fatigue and tiredness in legs
    • Leucorrhoea discharge is yellow in colour
    • Painful cramps in external genitals
    • Shooting and sharp pain in vagina accompanied with itching
    • Pain and swelling in genital parts after engaging in sexual activity
    • Excessive vaginal discharge before urinating
  • Natrum Muriaticum
    Common name: Common Salt
    Symptoms: This remedy is well-suited for addressing the following symptoms:
    • Feeling pressure in genital organs, especially during mornings
    • Profuse discharge from  uterus accompanied by headaches and abdominal cramps
    • Itching in genital organs
    • Decreased sexual desire
    • Dryness in vagina, which makes sexual intercourse painful
    • Vaginal discharge increases while walking and appears green or yellow in colour
    • Falling off of pubic hair
    • Sensitivity in breasts
    • Soreness in vulva
  • Platina
    Common name: The Metal platinum
    Symptoms: The following symptoms can be noted in an individual requiring platina:
    • Tingling sensation in reproductive parts
    • Sensitivity in ovaries accompanied by a burning sensation
    • Menses occur too early and is profuse
    • Menstrual blood appears dark and clotty
    • Spasms in uterus
    • Abnormal sexual appetite
    • Persistent sadness
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  • Maintain personal hygiene and also ensure that your surroundings are kept clean and well sanitised
  • Maintain an active lifestyle. Doing brisk exercise on a daily basis such as jogging or yoga can be helpful and aid in the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment
  • Maintain a good and appropriate posture
  • Wear comfortable clothing, which keeps the body well ventilated. Opt for natural fabrics such as cotton instead of wearing artificial fabrics, which do not absorb sweat. 


  • Intake of beverages such as coffee and tea should be reduced to a minimum
  • Avoid the intake of processed foods as they have high salt content, which is unhealthy
  • Refrain from having sugary treats as they can interfere with blood sugar level
  • Reduce the use of stimulating food items such as onions, garlic or asafoetida
  • Avoid the use of strong and artificially scented products such as perfumes and room fresheners
  • Do not use artificial sources of temperature control such as air conditioning or room heaters

Homeopathy does not simply focus upon the symptoms of the disease, which are general to everyone but seeks to gather sufficient insight into the overall health of the patient including their psychological and physiological well being. Hence, a homeopathic drug will affect different individuals differently. Homeopathic treatment for leucorrhoea not only provides relief from excess vaginal discharge but also it can be very helpful for addressing the overall health of the woman.

Homeopathic remedies are derived from natural compounds in a way that they are completely safe to use and produce minimum side effects. Complete medical history of the individual is taken in order to administer a medication to tackle the root cause of the health issues. Because of this, there are very few chances of getting any allergic reaction from these medicines. As long as a proper dosage of a remedy is being taken under the supervision of a certified practitioner, there is minimal risk involved.

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Leucorrhoea is a fairly common problem that many women complain of. There can be multiple causes of this problem and although it may not pose a significant risk in itself, it can be an indication of an underlying infection or disease. Hence, it is imperative to address the symptoms and prevent any further problems. This can be done with the help of homeopathic drugs, which help in reducing the symptoms and eliminating the root causes as well. When taken in the right dosage along with appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes, homeopathic remedies also help prevent the recurrence of most conditions. 

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Dr. Shikha Sharma

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