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These days many people are suffering from the problem of stones. Kidney stones and gall bladder stones are very dangerous problems. It can become very difficult to bear the pain caused by stones.

The consumption of some foods can worsen the problem of stones. At the same time, there are some foods that can help control the problems caused by stones. Some fruits are also included in the list of foods that help.

In this article, we will tell you about the fruits you should eat when suffering from stones.

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According to a study, fruits rich in citric acid should be consumed when suffering from stones, as they can help in that situation. There are many such fruits that are rich in citric acid, such as:


If you have kidney stones, you can consume oranges as they are rich in citric acid. Also, oranges are a very juicy fruit, which can be helpful in increasing urine production in your body. Increased urine output in the body reduces the chances of developing kidney stones. As such, to overcome or control the problems of stones, you can consume oranges or orange juice.

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Research has found that hypocitraturia is the most common metabolic disorder in patients with kidney stones. It affects about 60% of patients with stones. As such, patients should consume foods rich in citric acid. Muskmelon or muskmelon juice is rich in citric acid, which can increase urine output, so you can include melon in your diet.

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Lemon is a fruit that you can include in your diet in many ways. It can help you in reducing the weight of the body to overcome the problems caused by stones. Lemon is rich in antioxidants and citric acid, both of which can be effective in reducing stones. If you want to avoid kidney stones, include lemon in your diet. Apart from this, you can also reduce stones by drinking lemon water daily. It has also been proved by research that adding lemon to your daily diet reduces stones.

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Mosambi is also called sweet lime. Like lemons and oranges, this fruit is also rich in citric acid. Like oranges, it is a fruit that can easily be juiced. Its consumption can increase the production of urine. If you’re suffering from stones, you can include mosambi or mosambi juice in your daily diet. This can benefit you a lot.

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Consumption of foods containing calcium and oxalate should be avoided if there is a complaint of stones as they can possibly contribute to the development of stones. Some fruits that are high in calcium and oxalate, and should therefore be avoided, are:


According to a study, the amount of oxalate is high in cranberries. As such, patients suffering from stones should not consume cranberry or cranberry juice. This can worsen the problems caused by stones.

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Grapes are a very juicy fruit and they can keep your body hydrated. But if you are a patient of stones, then do not consume grapes. Grapes contain oxalate like cranberries, which is harmful for stone patients.

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Berries are very beneficial for health. But stone patients should avoid the consumption of berries, as oxalate is present in them, which can worsen the stones. 

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Keep in mind that you need to stay hydrated if you are suffering from stones. You should consume more and more water and other beverages if you have been diagnosed with kidney stones. Be careful not to have soda drinks, coffee and tea beverages though. Also, do not consume oxalate-rich foods like tomatoes, brinjal etc. In case of stones, get your routine checkup done and follow all the instructions of the doctor.

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