Nowadays most couples are facing infertility. This happens when the reproductive capacity of a woman or a man is weak. Stress, poor eating habits, inactive lifestyle and lack of sleep are considered to be the main reasons for weak fertility. For this, thyroid disorder can also badly affect the fertility of women and men. This is the reason why a victim of hypothyroidism may have to face infertility. In this article you will learn in detail about the relationship between hypothyroidism and male fertility -

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  1. What Is Hypothyroidism?
  2. What Is Male Fertility?
  3. What Is The Connection Between Hypothyroidism And Male Fertility?
  4. Effect Of Hypothyroidism On Male Fertility
  5. Low Levels Of Testosterone Hormone
  6. Low Sperm Count
  7. Imbalance In Binding Globulin
  8. Treatment Of Hypothyroidism And Male Fertility
  9. Summary
Doctors for Relation Between Hypothyroidism And Male Infertility

Hypothyroidism is a type of thyroid. This is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce adequate amounts of hormones. Although hypothyroidism is a disease in itself, it can also cause many other serious diseases. Due to hypothyroidism, people may have to suffer from problems like obesity, joint pain, fatigue, weakness, heart disease and infertility. Due to hypothyroidism, the fertility of women and men can be affected, it can lead to infertility.

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Male fertility is such a process. In which the man is able to make his partner pregnant by producing sperm. The following things are necessary for proper male fertility -

  • It is important for the testicles to function properly.
  • Sperm production in the testicles should be correct.
  • The production of testosterone and other hormones in the body should be at the right level.
  • It is important for sperm to mix properly with semen.
  • There should be enough sperm in the semen so that the female partner can become pregnant.
  • The quality and mobility of sperm should also be good.
  • If all these things are happening properly in a man, then it means that the fertility is absolutely fine, but some conditions can affect the male fertility. Hypothyroidism is also included in this.

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There is a deep connection between hypothyroidism and azoospermia. When a man is a victim of hypothyroidism, he may face many difficulties in getting his female partner pregnant, that is, he may have to face infertility. In case of hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland is not able to produce important hormones of the body at the right level. In this situation, the hormone levels in men become unbalanced, due to which fertility can be affected. Apart from this, when the level of male sex hormone testosterone decreases, the sperm count and mobility also starts getting affected. This means that due to hypothyroidism, sperm count may reduce in men, due to which they are not able to get their female partners pregnant. Due to hypothyroidism, men may also have to face problems like low libido, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

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Hypothyroidism can severely affect the fertility of men. In this situation, men may also have to face infertility, which is as follows -

Testosterone is a male sex hormone. It is important for men to have the right level of testosterone hormone, but hypothyroidism can reduce the level of testosterone hormone. When testosterone levels are low, the fertility of men is affected in this condition.

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Hypothyroidism can be a main cause of low sperm count in men. If a man has hypothyroidism, the production of sperm in his body may reduce. When sperm production is low, male fertility is affected, because in this condition the man is not able to get his female partner pregnant. To make a woman pregnant, it is also necessary to have good sperm mobility. At the same time, hypothyroidism can affect sperm count as well as motility. Due to this, male fertility may become weak. It can also cause erectile dysfunction. In this situation men are not able to form an erection.

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It is also known as testosterone-estrogen binding globulin (TeBG). It is a type of protein, which is produced in the liver. It plays an important role in the functioning of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and estradiol. In men who have hypothyroidism, binding globulin levels may be lower than normal.

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If a person is facing infertility due to thyroid disease, then it is necessary to get the thyroid treated first. As thyroid levels become normal, fertility also becomes stronger. Therefore, if someone has hypothyroidism, infertility can be avoided by getting it treated. Treating hypothyroidism can significantly improve sperm count, quality and motility. In case of hypothyroidism, hormone replacement therapy can be taken. Apart from this, levothyroxine medicine can also prove effective in treating hypothyroidism. Synthetic triiodothyronine is sometimes included in the treatment of thyroid disease.

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There is no doubt that infertility is the most challenging situation for any couple. Although infertility can occur due to many reasons, hypothyroidism is also considered a main cause of infertility, because the fertility of both women and men can be badly affected in hypothyroidism. If a man has hypothyroidism, then in this condition he may have to face sperm deficiency and testosterone deficiency etc. In such a situation, fertility can be improved by treating hypothyroidism.

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