When there is itching of the rash, there is a feeling of scratching again and again. Usually, rash itching occurs when there is some kind of allergic reaction in the body. It is called hives in the common language and urticaria in the medical language. Although this problem is not harmful, if it persists for a long time, then it can be an autoimmune condition or a systemic condition. It can be treated with antihistamine medicine.

Today in this article you will learn about the medicine and treatment of rash itching -

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To cure the itchy rash, the doctor may prescribe antihistamine medication and epinephrine injections. Come, let us know in detail about the medicine for scabies -

Antihistamine medicine

Usually, the itching of the rash and the swelling that accompanies it goes away on its own without any medicine. At the same time, sometimes doctors can give antihistamine medicine to cure it, which blocks the effect of histamine on the body. Antihistamines not only provide relief from the itching of the rash but also prevent allergic reactions.

An antihistamine like diphenhydramine works quickly. However, depending on the severity of the itchy rash, the doctor may recommend over-the-counter medications such as loratadinefexofenadinecetirizine, or levocetirizine.

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Epinephrine Injections

Sometimes the itching rash can be accompanied by other severe allergic reactions and swelling, which is called anaphylaxis. In addition to rash itching, there is a problem with breathing, vomiting, and low blood pressure. People who have problems with anaphylaxis can be given an epinephrine injection immediately.

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Oral Steroids

Corticosteroids such as prednisone can also be used as a medicine for the itching of the rash. It is recommended to be given when the itching of the rash is not relieved by taking antihistamine medicines.

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Hydrocortisone Cream

Applying hydrocortisone cream, such as over-the-counter cortisone, can help relieve itching and swelling.

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Allergy Shots

Even after using several medicines, the doctor may recommend taking an injection called omalizumab, if the itching rash is not cured. It is taken once a month. This medicine can block the effect of the body's allergy antibody, immunoglobulin E.

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Itching rash can also be treated at home. Come, let us know in detail about the treatment of rash itching -

Light fabric clothing

Wearing loose clothes of lightweight cotton fabric gives relief from itching. Fabric clothes like denim, woolen, or linen should not be worn at this time.

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Use of cold compress

Cold compresses provide relief from the discomfort of the itchy rash. For this, tying ice cubes in a handkerchief or towel and applying it on the itchy area can provide relief.

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Use of products with sensitive skin

The use of soaps, moisturizers, and cosmetics specially formulated for sensitive skin can reduce the severity of the rash and provide relief. In this regard, the dermatologist can be asked what type of soap or cream would prove beneficial.

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Sun protection

The severity of the itchy rash increases when the person is exposed to the sun. To avoid this, it is better not to go out in the sun at all. If due for any reason it happens to go out, it should be covered well, and wear a cap.

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The medicine and treatment of rash itching depend on what is the reason for its occurrence. Over-the-counter antihistamines and epinephrine injections provide relief from the itch of the rash. Clothing of the right fabric, use of cold compresses, and sun protection work well as a treatment for itchy rash. It is right to consult a doctor first regarding rash itching because medicine doesn't need to affect everyone equally.

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