Toxic hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. Symptoms of toxic hepatitis include yellowing of the skin, itching, fatigue, pain in the upper right part of the abdomen, and loss of appetite. Due to certain types of chemicals, drugs, alcohol, and medicines, the problem of toxic hepatitis can occur. The treatment of toxic hepatitis includes avoiding chemical or drug exposure, keeping a distance from alcohol, etc.

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Today, in this article, you will learn in detail about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of toxic hepatitis -

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Doctors for Toxic hepatitis - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

The mild form of toxic hepatitis does not show any specific symptoms and can only be caught by blood tests, but when symptoms of toxic hepatitis appear, they can be as follows -

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Toxic hepatitis can be caused by certain types of chemicals, drugs, or drinking alcohol. Come, let us know in detail about the causes of toxic hepatitis -

Exposure to chemicals

Exposure to any kind of chemical or solvent can cause toxic hepatitis. This can also happen by inhaling the chemical or by touching the skin.

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Use of over-the-counter drugs

Consumption of many over-the-counter medicines can cause toxic hepatitis. This includes ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, anesthetics, anti-seizure drugs, antidepressants, and rheumatic drugs.

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One treatment for cancer is chemotherapy. This treatment can cause toxic hepatitis by affecting the liver. The drugs used in this therapy are toxic and can affect the liver.

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Taking herbal supplements

It will be surprising to know, but, indeed, some herbal supplements can also cause toxic hepatitis. Herbal supplements such as aloe vera, black cohosh, comfrey, or ephedra can help.

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Drink alcohol

Alcohol consumption can damage the liver, especially when drugs are mixed with alcohol.

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Toxic hepatitis is diagnosed by physical exam, blood tests, imaging tests, and liver biopsy. Doctors first find out the cause of toxic hepatitis and then treat it accordingly. Come, let us know in detail about the treatment of toxic hepatitis -

Avoiding chemical or drug exposure

If the test shows that exposure to a chemical or drug has caused toxic hepatitis, then it is asked to stay away from it. Then even if the work has to be changed.

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Abstinence from alcohol

It becomes very important to stay away from alcohol because it can gradually damage the liver so much that it becomes difficult to treat it.

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Prescription drugs

People who have very severe symptoms of toxic hepatitis are admitted to the hospital. There, on the advice of the doctor, medicines are given intravenously so that vomiting can be stopped. Doctors also monitor liver damage.

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Liver transplant

If the liver stops working properly, then, in that case, the doctor may suggest a liver transplant. In a liver transplant, the damaged liver is removed and replaced with a healthy liver from a donor.

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In toxic hepatitis, the liver becomes inflamed. Its symptoms include yellowing of the skin and eyes, itching and rashes on the skin, vomiting, feeling tired, and loss of appetite. Causes of toxic hepatitis include excessive consumption of alcohol, exposure to chemicals or solvents, chemotherapy, and intake of herbal supplements. Toxic hepatitis can be detected by some methods like physical exams and blood tests. After this, the treatment is started by the doctor.

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