Many people panic when they detect a fever, but actually, fever is a defence mechanism and a warning bell that you are not well inside.

Fever occurs when the thermostat of the body raises its temperature above the normal level. Though the average body temperature is 98.6°F (37°C). it often fluctuates through the day (a higher temperature is noted in evenings in most people). The normal temperature of the body also varies from one individual to another. A person is said to have a fever when their body temperature reaches or goes beyond 100.4°F (38°C).

Commonly available non-prescription medicines for fever like paracetamol and aspirin are known to have serious side effects. However, homeopathic medicines are very effective in correcting the underlying problem and, in the process, bringing down the fever. These remedies are prepared from natural substances and thus have no side effects. Homeopathic medicines like aconitum napellus and belladonna are used in the treatment of sudden onset fever, ferrum phosphoricum is used in fever with gradual onset of symptoms, and phosphorus and bryonia alba are used in those with fever and chills.

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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Fever
  • Belladonna
    Common Name:
    Deadly Nightshade
    Symptoms: Belladonna has a marked action on the nervous and vascular systems, on the glands and skin. Mostly, helps individuals who have a flushed face, hot and red skin, delirium, convulsions and mouth dryness. Those who benefit from this remedy also exhibit the following symptoms:
    • Scarlet fever
    • Headache, mostly in the forehead region, which worsens with noise, light, on lying down, and in the afternoon but improves with applying pressure and sitting in a semi-erect position
    • A sensation of burning heat in the body
    • Cold feet
    • No thirst

Symptoms worsen in the afternoon and on lying down.

  • Aconitum Napellus
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: The characteristic feature that indicates the use of aconitum napellus is fear with mental and physical restlessness. Sudden onset of fever, dislike of hot weather, tingling, numbness and a burning sensation in the body are other symptoms that indicate the use of aconitum napellus. Other symptoms that can be treated with monkshood are:

Symptoms worsen in the evening and at night, on listening to music, lying down on the affected side, and on exposure to dry, cold winds. They get better in the open air.

  • Bryonia Alba
    Common Name: Wild hops
    Symptoms: Individuals who will benefit from this remedy are irritable, have dry and parched lips and mouth, dried mucous membranes (inner lining of body organs) and feel very thirsty. They also experience the following symptoms:
    • Increased physical weakness
    • Frequent nosebleeds during periods
    • Vertigo
    • Bursting headache
    • Swelling and soreness in the liver region
    • Stitching pain in the abdomen
    • Fever with chills due to external coldness
    • Easy, profuse and sour perspiration

Symptoms worsen in the morning, on moving about, in hot weather and while eating. Symptoms improve on applying pressure on the affected site, after taking rest, lying on the painful side, and cold things.

  • Arsenicum Album
    Common Name:
    Arsenious Acid
    Symptoms: This remedy is widely used in homeopathy due to its action over every organ and tissue. Increased exhaustion after a little exertion, burning pain, fear and worry are some of the symptoms that indicate its use. Other common symptoms experienced by individuals who can be treated with arsenicum album are:

Symptoms worsen after midnight, in cold and wet weather and improve with heat and warm drinks.

  • Eupatorium Perfoliatum
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: This remedy mainly acts on the digestive system, liver and mucous membranes of the lungs. It relieves muscular pain in the limbs, which is felt after illnesses like malaria and influenza. Other characteristic symptoms that can be treated with this remedy are:
    • Periodic headache
    • Presence of a yellow coating on the tongue
    • Watery, green stools with constipation
    • Chest pain that gets worse at night
    • Chills from 7 to 9 a.m. that occur after being thirsty
    • Bone pain
    • Inability to drink when chills are imminent

Symptoms worsen periodically and improve on talking.

  • Ferrum Phosphoricum
    Common Name:
    Phosphate of iron
    Symptoms: It is used in the initial stages of febrile conditions. It improves haemoglobin in individuals with anaemia. Those who benefit from this remedy are robust, nervous, anaemic and sensitive. They may also experience the following symptoms:
    • Superficial redness of the skin
    • Vertigo
    • Headaches that reduce by cold applications. Head sore to touch
    • Red and inflamed eyes with a feeling of sand under the eyelids
    • Throbbing in ears; the initial stage of ear infection
    • Nosebleeds
    • The first stage of inflammatory conditions like dry cough with a sore chest, congestion of the lungs, and coughing up blood
    • Fever with chills every day at 1 p.m.

Symptoms worsen at night and from 4 to 6 p.m., on lying the right side and with touch; the person feels better cold applications.

  • Gelsemium Sempervirens
    Common Name: Yellow jasmine
    Symptoms: This remedy is useful in a variety of symptoms such as motor paralysis, dizziness, dullness, muscular weakness, influenza, measles and sluggish circulation. Symptoms that indicate the use of gelsemium sempervirens are:
    • Vertigo
    • Dull, heavy headache that is preceded by blindness and gets better on profuse urination
    • Hot and flushed face
    • Diminished thirst and hiccups that get worse in the evening
    • Fever causes shaking so the person wants someone to hold them
    • Soft and slow pulse
    • Chills up and down the spine
    • Bilious fever with dizziness and faintness

Symptoms worsen in damp weather, on hearing bad news, on being emotional and at 10 a.m. Symptoms get better on bending forward, going out in open air, after profuse urination and on taking stimulants.

  • Nux Vomica
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: It is the medicine of choice for counteracting the effects of chronic diseases. Those who benefit from nux vomica are usually thin, do a lot of mental work but have an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. They are generally angered easily and have a fault-finding nature. Nux vomica is effective against the following symptoms:
    • Convulsions
    • Getting cold easily and avoiding going out in open air
    • Fiery temperament
    • Inability to bear noises, odours and light
    • Headache with vertigo and faintness
    • Stuffy nose 
    • Blood in saliva
    • Nausea after meals and in the morning
    • Inability to sleep after 3 a.m. until morning
    • A predominant cold stage in the fever along with pain in the limbs and back
    • The person feels chills but does not like to be covered.
    • Sour sweat only on one side of the body

Symptoms get aggravated in the morning, on consuming spicy food, with exertion, intake of narcotics, and in dry cold weather. Symptoms improve on taking enough rest or even a short nap, in humid weather and by applying strong pressure on the affected part.

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Homeopathic medicines quickly lose their potency on coming in contact with medicinal substances and certain chemicals in food and the environment. Also, certain lifestyle factors improve the effect of these medicines. So, to ensure maximum benefit from homeopathy, doctors suggest the following do’s and don’ts to those opting for homeopathic therapy.


  • Wear cotton and linen garments in warm weather.
  • Be physically active, e.g., exercise regularly 
  • Take a balanced diet; it will help promote healing in chronic cases.
  • In acute cases, the patient sometimes shows a desire for certain foods and drinks. It is okay to take such foods and drinks in reasonable amounts to gratify the desire.
  • Maintain good hygeine


  • Avoid beverages like herbal tea, coffee, liquors or drinks with medicinal spices.
  • Avoid spicy dishes, soups and sauces that are prepared with onions, celery, meat and old cheese.
  • Do not keep homeopathic medicines near perfumes, camphor, ether or other volatile products as they neutralise the effect of the medicine.
  • Do not live a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Do not stay in damp or marshy places for long.

Newborn babies and toddlers are more prone to infections with fever being the first common symptom. Homeopathic medicines are safe for babies and toddlers as well as those who are on other medications. They act by improving the overall health of the person. However, the medications are specific to the individual’s emotional health, illness type and associated modalities that either worsen or better the symptoms. For instance, two people with similar complaints like cold with fever may respond to a different line of treatment. So it is always best to talk to a doctor before taking any homeopathic remedy on your own.

In an observational study conducted in Delhi, 126 patients, 75 with chikungunya fever and 51 with post-chikungunya chronic arthritis, were given homeopathic medicines for a period of six months. A single homeopathic medicine was prescribed to each patient with the help of materia medica and repertory based on their case history. It was observed that 84.5% of the patients with chikungunya fever completely recovered in a mean time of 6.8 days, while 90% of the patients with post-chikungunya chronic arthritis recovered completely in 32.5 days. Hence, it was concluded that homeopathic medicines are effective in these conditions.

Since homeopathic treatment uses active ingredients in minimal quantities, it does not have any side effects and is considered to be safe in babies, children and breastfeeding or pregnant women. Homeopathic medicine does not interfere with conventional medicine and can be given in tandem with conventional therapy. However, a qualified homeopathic physician should be consulted for the treatment as not every remedy suits every person.

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Homeopathy is an effective mode of treatment for the underlying conditions of fever. Homeopathic treatment strengthens the immune system of the person, so their body can fight the disease on its own. Unlike conventional medicine, homeopathic medicines don't have any side effects, provided they are taken under the supervision of a qualified doctor. Homeopathic treatment can be used along with conventional medicines for the treatment of fever.

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