Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder in which body’s capacity to utilize blood sugar is disturbed. Diabetes could either be inherited or acquired. It is mainly caused by a deficiency in the production of insulin, a hormone released by the pancreas. The main types of diabetes are:

  • Type 1 Diabetes: Mainly seen in children and adolescents
  • Type 2 Diabetes: Seen in middle-aged adults and the elderly.
  • Gestational Diabetes: This type of diabetes affects pregnant ladies.

Common diabetes symptoms include excessive secretion of urine, excessive thirst and hunger, weight loss, feeling weak and tired, dry skin, itching, slow healing of wounds, recurrent infections and blurred vision. Diabetes complications include damage to the kidneys, brain, heart, eyes and nerves. Blood and urine tests are performed to confirm diabetes. Stress also has a major effect on metabolic activities of the body which can lead to increased blood glucose levels.

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Based on the history and lifestyle of an individual, a homoeopathic practitioner may suggest varied remedies for controlling diabetes. Also, homoeopathy works as a good prophylactic to control fluctuations in blood sugar levels and avoid diabetic complications when combined with a proper dietary regimen.

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  1. How effective are homoeopathic medicines and treatments for diabetes
  2. Homoeopathic medicines for diabetes
  3. Dietary and lifestyle changes for diabetes patient as per homoeopathy
  4. Side effects and risks of ayurvedic medicine and treatments for diabetes
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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Diabetes

Homoeopathy is an added boon for diabetic people as it helps to improve general health. Homoeopathic treatment effectively works directly on the functioning of pancreas. However, it is usually advised in complement to conventional medicines since homoeopathy takes some time to show any noticeable changes by itself. If the person is in good health, taking homoeopathic medicine would ensure that his or her insulin requirements are steady and blood glucose is in good control. Not only this but also diabetes complications like tingling and numbness in hands and feet, eye symptoms and kidney complaints are easily addressed over time.

For effective treatment, both dietary and lifestyle changes need to be made along with regular and timely medication. Being a holistic treatment method, homoeopathy helps improve the general wellbeing and it may also help in tapering the dosages of medicines taken by the individual. A homoeopathic doctor will correctly guide the patient in different aspects of his or her life including personal history, past and family history and will try and understand their mental stress levels. All this collective data helps to find a constitutional medicine for a particular person which will work not only at the molecular level but also at the genetic level to control diabetes. When the correct homoeopathic remedy is taken at the right time, the results obtained are rapid and complete. Furthermore, homoeopathy is a science that works in favour of the immune system, the medicines are not addictive. Most of the symptoms of diabetes fall under the psora miasm and hence anti-psoric remedies are the choice of treatment.

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Some of the most important remedies that are helpful in treating diabetes in homoeopathy are discussed in this section. The symptoms mentioned under each remedy prompt the homoeopathic doctor to choose the said remedy.

  • Arsenicum Album
    Common Name:
    Arsenic Trioxide
    Symptoms: The most prevailing symptoms seen in a person needing arsenic are profound debility, restlessness and burning pains all over the body along with diabetes. It suits individuals who experience the following symptoms:
    • Getting extremely exhausted after slightest physical activity.
    • Unquenchable thirst but an inability to have more than a sip of water.
    • Dry skin with a lot of itching and burning which is worse in cold weather.
    • Carbuncles and boils.
    • Weak digestion, which worsens after consuming fruits.
    • Presence of albumin in urine, indicating kidney damage.
    • Restlessness and anxiety about health.
    • Burning eyes, redness and ulceration in eyelids. Burning is seen because the nerves are affected due to diabetes.
    • Symptoms of such people are improved in summers or by local heat application.
  • Byronian Alba
    Common Name: Wild Hops
    Symptoms: This homoeopathic medicine is well suited to individuals who have muscle aches all over. These people usually report the following symptoms:
    • Rheumatic pains that shift location, getting better on resting and worse by the slightest movement.
    • Dry lips and an unquenchable thirst.
    • Drinking large quantities of water at long intervals.
    • Severe gastric complaints such as constipation to the extent that the person has a feeling of a stone in stomach and passing dry, large and hard stools.
    • Short temper
    • Loss of taste and excessive hunger
    • Such people benefit immensely with this remedy during acute muscle pain. 
  • Helonias
    Common Name:
    Unicorn Root
    Symptoms: This remedy suits diabetic individuals who report the following symptoms:
    • A general sensation of weakness, dragging and weight in the tailbone and pelvis region along with great exhaustion.
    • Excessive burning in the kidney region, so that the person can easily trace the location of the kidney.
    • Presence of sugar, albumin and phosphates in urine
    • Such people are sad when idle and if they are kept busy, they feel better.
  • Lacticum acidicum
    Common Name: Lactic Acid
    Symptoms: The remedy suits individuals who experience the following symptoms:
    • Prominent diabetes symptoms like passing large quantities of urine and presence of glucose in urine.
    • Dry tongue
    • Copious salivation and water brash.
    • Profound thirst and voracious hunger
    • Gastric complaints like constipation, and nausea which is better by eating.
    • Weakness in limbs.
  • Natrum suplhuricum
    Common Name: Sulphate of Sodium- Glauber’s Salt.
    Symptoms: This is primarily a remedy for the liver. This remedy is for people who experience symptoms such as:
    • Developing complaints on being exposed to wet and damp weather.
    • Uneasiness in rainy weather.
    • Having a thick coating of white mucus on the tongue and a bitter taste.
    • Burning sensation in stomach with vomiting that contains bile too.
    • Presence of bile and sugar in urine.
    • A tendency to get water blisters on the skin. 
  • Phosphoricum acidicum
    Common Name:
    Phosphoric Acid
    Symptoms: Homeopathic medicines made from acids are effective in case of a marked symptom of intense weakness. Thus, acidity and diabetes are the most important indications for this remedy. It is also helpful for boils on skin and ulcers with foul smelling discharges seen as a complication of diabetes. Phosphoric acid suits people who have symptoms like:
    • Profound weakness with nervous exhaustion. These people first show the signs and symptoms of mental weakness followed by physical weakness.
    • Extremely dry and cracked lips.
    • Craving for juicy things.
    • Gastric troubles from sour food and drinks.
    • Intense thirst, mainly for cold milk.
  • Phosphorus
    Common Name: Phosphorus
    Symptoms: Phosphorus is proven to be effective in diabetes management. It helps alleviate peculiar symptoms such as- inflammation and degeneration of mucous membranes. It is well suited to tall and thin individuals who exhibit symptoms such as:
    • Nervous debility and immense weight loss.  
    • Getting tired easily.
    • Bleeding gums, and displaying ill effects from having excessive salt.
    • Fragile bones and joints that are prone to fractures.
    • Weak vision.
    • Blood in urine.
    • Slow wound healing. Wounds bleed excessively even if the cut is small and skin ulcers heal and break out again.

          Phosphorus also helps in relieving fungal infections that are common in diabetes.

  • Plumbum metallicum
    Common Name:
    Symptoms: This is a drug of choice for severe complications of diabetes like acute nephritis, delirium, comatose conditions along with hypertension. It is suited to individuals who suffer from the following conditions:
    • Mental conditions such as dementia, depression and sadness.
    • Eye inflammation and pus formation in the optic nerve.
    • Frequent urination -ineffectual urging to pass urine repeatedly.
    • Dry skin problems
    • Obstinate constipation
  • Syzygium jambolinum
    Common Name:
    Jambol Seeds
    Symptoms: It has an immediate effect on the sugar levels in urine. The person who is prescribed this remedy presents with symptoms such as:
    • Severe weakness and exhaustion.
    • Excessive thirst.
    • High specific gravity in urine test due to presence of excessive sugar.
    • Diabetic ulcerations, where ulcers do not heal easily.
    • Red pimples on skin which look like prickly heat and itch violently.
  • Uranium nitrate
    Common Name: Nitrate of Uranium
    Symptoms: People who are benefited by this remedy usually have the following symptoms:
    • Excessive thirst
    • Emaciation and debility
    • Edema or swelling all over the body
    • Weight loss in spite of eating well
    • Gastric ulcers
    • Burning urethra inability to retain urine in the bladder.

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  • Avoid any habits or foods that interfere with the treatment and medicines.
  • Go for daily walks and do light manual labour to strengthen muscles. Some exercises also help to keep the mind relaxed.
  • Take healthy and nutritious food and drinks.
  • Note all the signs and symptoms in chronic disease, even the ones which you feel are not that significant.


  • Since homoeopathic medicines are given in very small doses, precautions should be taken to preserve these medicines.
  • Avoid eating foods that can interfere or react with medicine. This includes:
    • Strong smelling foods and drinks like coffee, herbal teas, fine liquors prepared with medicinal spices, spiced chocolate
    • Medicinally compounded tooth powders and mouthwashes
    • Perfumed sachets 
    • Strongly scented flowers in the room
    • Highly seasoned foods and sauces
    • Frozen foods like ice creams
    • Raw herbs on soups, medicinal herbs in food
    • Celery, parsley, stale cheese and meat
  • Also, diabetic patients should not consume too much of flavoured or artificial foods.
  • Sedentary lifestyle should be avoided. Long afternoon naps will lead to harmful effects and must be avoided.
  • It is important to avoid mental strain and obstructions to achieve proper health.

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Homeopathic medicines are very safe. There are no documented side effects and risks in taking these remedies but one should be careful of choosing the right remedy and dosage for him/herself. Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of severity of disease, individual’s symptoms, individual mental condition and symptoms, etc. Thus, it is always advisable to consult a qualified homoeopathic physician before taking a homoeopathic remedy.

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Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder which may lead to severe complications if not treated in time. Homeopathy is a very safe mode of medication without any noted side effects. Homoeopathic medicine can be taken with conventional medicines to control blood sugar levels as well as prevent severe complications. A detailed history of the individual guides the physician towards the appropriate remedy.

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