Diabetes is a metabolic disease. In this, the level of blood sugar in the person's body increases. When the body is not able to make enough insulin, then the symptoms of diabetes start appearing. Diabetes can damage nerves, eyes, kidneys, and other body parts. The heart is mainly affected by diabetes, as diabetes and heart health are closely related. If a person has diabetes, then his heart can be directly affected. Diabetes patients are 2 times more likely to have heart disease as compared to normal people.

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Today in this article, you will know in detail about the effect of diabetes on the heart -

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  1. Heart disease symptoms
  2. How is the heart affected by diabetes?
  3. How common is heart disease in diabetes?
  4. Why does diabetes increase the risk of heart disease?
  5. How to reduce the risk of heart disease in diabetes?
  6. Takeaway
Doctors for Diabetes effect on heart and solution

Prediabetes, type 1 diabetes, or type 2 diabetes can directly affect the heart. If someone has diabetes, then the following symptoms related to heart disease can be seen -

If someone has diabetes and is also feeling these symptoms, then do not ignore this problem because if the situation becomes serious, it can cause heart disease.

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A patient suffering from diabetes is more likely to have other health problems, which can prove to be fatal for the health of the heart.

There is a possibility of high BP due to diabetes. For this reason, there is the pressure of blood on the artery and the artery wall can be damaged. Due to the presence of both these problems, there is a possibility of heart disease.

Due to high levels of LDL i.e. bad cholesterol, plaque starts accumulating in the blood vessels, which can damage the artery wall.

Due to high triglyceride, HDL ie bad level of good cholesterol and LDL ie bad cholesterol level, the artery becomes hard, due to which the patient becomes a victim of heart disease.

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It is common for a patient suffering from diabetes to have heart disease. According to the National Heart Association, 65 percent of people with diabetes lose their lives due to some kind of heart disease or stroke. Let us tell you that people with diabetes have twice the risk of heart disease and stroke as compared to normal people.

All people with diabetes are at a significantly increased risk of developing heart disease. Heart disease is common, especially in people with type 2 diabetes. Heart disease is considered serious in people with type 2 diabetes. People with type 2 diabetes have a 2 to 4 times higher death rate from heart disease.

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Blood sugar level becomes high in patients suffering from diabetes. If the sugar level is high, then it starts damaging the blood vessels. This increases the complications of heart disease.

Actually, in diabetes, the body cannot use sugar properly. Due to this, the excess level of sugar sticks to the red blood cells and accumulates in the blood. This condition can block and damage the vessels that carry blood away from the heart. Due to this, the heart does not get oxygen and nutrients. When the heart does not get enough oxygen, the risk of heart disease increases in diabetic patients.

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Diabetes can also reduce the risk of heart disease. A healthy diet and lifestyle can help prevent damage to blood vessels due to diabetes. For this, you need to keep these things under control -

  • Blood sugar level
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol levels

By keeping these three under control, the risk of heart disease can be reduced to a great extent. Keep the following things in mind to keep blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels under control.

  • Avoid smokingSmoking can obstruct the flow of blood in the body. This can cause damage to the heart.
  • To keep the heart healthy, it is necessary to take a balanced diet.
  • Be physically active. For this, do exercise and yoga regularly.
  • Weight gain often occurs in diabetic patients. In such a situation, to prevent heart disease, diabetes patients must keep their weight under control.

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People with diabetes are more prone to heart problems. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to reduce this risk. Along with this, you can also start taking medicines on the advice of the doctor to keep the blood sugar level under control and avoid heart disease.

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