A medicine called stevia works like nectar for diabetes patients. This is the reason why it is also known as the insulin plant. Stevia is also known as Sweet Leaf, Sweet Herb.

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This insulin plant contains zero calories and does not affect blood sugar levels. The plant is native to Paraguay in Brazil and in South America. It has been used as a sweetener for hundreds of years.

It is also used to bring sweetness to the tea. Apart from this, medicinal properties are also present in it. These days pure stevia products are available in the market. Its dried leaves can be used in different ways. Stevia is also effective in other diseases.

Today in this article, you will know in detail how insulin plant is beneficial for diabetes patients -

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  1. How is it beneficial in diabetes?
  2. How to use it?
  3. Takeaway

These days this insulin plant is being liked a lot as an alternative to sugar. Now sweeteners made from stevia are also available in the market. As already mentioned it has no or very little effect on the sugar level.

If seen in this way, stevia is a beneficial option for diabetes patients. Experts have proved that the use of stevia juice is safe for diabetic patients. There is no harm to its health in any way.

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It can be used in many ways, which are mentioned below -

  • You can use fresh leaves of insulin plants in any sweet beverage like tea, lemonade, etc. You can drink herbal tea by mixing some fresh stevia leaves and mint leaves. Apart from this, you can put stevia leaves on top of your food as a salad. But before putting stevia leaves in any kind of food, do a test so that you do not have to compromise with the taste.
  • Dried stevia leaves can also be used as a sweetener. For this, first of all, keep the root of the stevia leaf in a dry and warm place so that it can dry. When dry, separate the leaves from the root. Grind these leaves with the help of a blender. In a few seconds, you have the sweet in the form of powder in front of you.
  • The powder can be kept in a container. Use it in a variety of recipes, but keep in mind that two tablespoons of stevia powder equal one cup of sugar. So keep this in mind before putting it in any dish.
  • Make a syrup with the help of dried stevia leaves. For this, take one-fourth of mashed stevia leaves in a cup of lukewarm water. Keep it in lukewarm water for 24 hours. After this, filter the leaves with a sieve and separate them.
  • If you want, put dry stevia leaves in water and keep this water on a medium flame for some time. It will become like a decoction. When ready, keep it in an air-tight jar. You can consume it for many months.
  • However, experts say that consuming insulin plants in excess can lead to headaches and gastrointestinal symptoms. There is still more research and study to be done in this regard.

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It is clear from this article that the medicine named stevia is beneficial for the patient's sugar. Diabetes patients can use the juice prepared using this medicine. Patients suffering from sugar can use it as a sweetener. Hence, it is beneficial to some extent for sugar patients. Nevertheless, it would be better that diabetic patients must take the doctor's advice before taking it.

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