Diabetes (sugar) is a disease in which the level of sugar or glucose present in the blood increases excessively. We get glucose from the food we eat and a hormone called insulin helps this glucose to go into the cells of the body so that they can get stronger. Diabetes occurs when insulin levels deteriorate, causing dry throat (thirst), frequent urination, lethargy, fatigue, sleepiness, blurred vision, increased appetite, and rapid weight loss-like symptoms start appearing. Studies have found that women who suffer from PCOS may also be prone to diabetes due to insulin resistance.

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  1. What is PCOS?
  2. Relationship between PCOS and diabetes
  3. What does the study say?
  4. How to Treat Diabetes and PCOS
  5. Takeaway

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition characterized by an imbalance of the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. An ovarian cyst is formed from this. PCOS can affect a woman's menstrual cycle, fertility, heart rate, and appearance.

Women with PCOS produce slightly higher-than-average amounts of testosterone and other androgen hormones in their bodies. However, these reproductive hormones are usually present in males and also in small amounts in females.

When the level of PCOS is high, problems like irregular menstruation or no menstruation, fertility problems, weight gainacne on the face, or excess hair on the body begin to appear in women. Women who have PCOS are also at a higher risk of other health problems, such as diabetes.

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Some theories suggest that insulin resistance hurts the endocrine system, which may lead to type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body's cells become resistant to insulin and an abnormal amount of insulin is made.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 30 million Americans have diabetes. While physical exercise and a balanced diet are generally necessary for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes, research suggests that PCOS is a contributing factor to the development of diabetes. Women with PCOS at a young age are at increased risk of developing diabetes and potentially fatal heart problems in the future.

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According to the Office on Women's Health, about 50% of women with PCOS develop diabetes or prediabetes before the age of 40. A study of nearly 8,000 women found that women with PCOS had a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes during pregnancy. The researchers also noted that the problem was independent of body mass, meaning that the problem was not dependent on the height or weight of people with PCOS.

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To control PCOS and diabetes, you should adopt the following measures -

  • Regular exercise - Regular exercise benefits people with diabetes or prediabetes and PCOS. Increasing physical activity can help with weight loss. It can also help control body processes and blood glucose levels.
  • Control Sugar Level - As soon as our body starts making more blood glucose, it is also able to produce a sufficient amount of insulin according to the needs of a person. When your blood sugar is under control, naturally your dependence on medicine reduces.
  • Insulin supplements - Medicines you can take to treat type 2 diabetes help the body's insulin work more effectively and lower blood glucose levels. If your insulin level is low, your doctor may ask you to take insulin injections.
  • Birth control pills - Birth control pills are commonly used in the treatment of PCOS. These can help reduce PCOS symptoms and regulate menstrual cycles and hormone levels.

Now you must have come to know how PCOS and diabetes are related to each other, PCOS and diabetes can be controlled if you follow the above-classified tips.

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It is clear from this article that women suffering from PCOS are prone to diabetes. Therefore, it is important that if a woman has PCOS, then she should take special care of herself. Women must do exercise, yoga, and meditation daily. Also, there is a need to keep the sugar level under control. Apart from this, it is also necessary to keep taking a nutritious diet.

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