Dead skin cells visible on the scalp are called dandruff. These cells fall from the hair and come on the shoulders and clothes. There can be many reasons behind the appearance of dandruff, such as - dryness of the scalp, accumulation of dirt in the head, some kind of skin disease, or mental stress that can also cause dandruff. Dandruff can also cause hair fall problems. Therefore, proper treatment of dandruff is necessary and the treatment is beneficial only when the type of dandruff is known. Fungus, dry skin, oily skin, etc. are considered types of dandruff.

Today in this article, you will know in detail that there are many types of dandruff and how to treat them -

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There are many types of dandruff and there is a main reason behind all of them. Some of these types can be treated by proper hair care and lifestyle changes. Let us know about these types in detail -

Dry skin dandruff

This is the most common type of dandruff, which is mostly seen in winter. In cold weather, along with the body, the skin of the scalp also becomes dry. Also, using hot water while bathing can also make the skin dry. For this reason, dead skin cells start forming on the scalp, which appears white. This can cause itching on the scalp.

In this situation, moisturizing shampoo can be used. In addition, scalp massage can be done with coconut oil. This will not only cure the problem of itching and dry scalp but will also provide relief from dandruff.

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Oily skin dandruff

There are glands just below the skin, which produce sebum. It is a type of oily substance, which helps in keeping the skin moisturized and protected. At the same time, when these glands start producing excessive sebum, then the hair becomes oily. Due to this also there can be a problem of dandruff. In this case, oily skin dandruff can be controlled by regular shampooing and using dandruff shampoos containing salicylic acid.

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Fungus related dandruff

Malassezia is a common fungus, which is found on the skin of every human being, but in some people, it can cause dandruff or eczema. Shampoos that eliminate malassezia can provide relief from dandruff. These types of shampoos can treat seborrheic dermatitispsoriasis, and eczema. Fungus-related dandruff can also be cured by applying tea tree oil or shampoo containing this oil to the hair.

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Disease-related dandruff

There are many skin-related problems like psoriasis, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis, which can affect the scalp. These problems can lead to dandruff.

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Here we are telling in detail about the treatment and prevention of dandruff -


For some people, antidandruff shampoos should be used to treat dandruff. Some of these shampoos can be used daily while using some only 3 times a week is sufficient. If there is a problem like redness, irritation, or rash due to any shampoo, then a doctor should be consulted immediately about this.

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A healthy lifestyle can also improve the skin of your scalp, thereby getting rid of dandruff -

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Hair care

If one has dandruff, one needs to take good care of the hair, which is as follows -

  • Do not color hair and avoid using other hair styling products. These products contain chemicals, which can cause dandruff.
  • Never wash your hair with hot water. Always use lukewarm water to wash your hair.
  • Always use chemical-free herbal shampoo.

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The problem of dandruff can happen anytime and to anyone. The main reasons behind dandruff can be dirt accumulated on the head, dry or oily skin, and mental disorders. In this case, it is treated based on different types of dandruff. To eliminate dandruff from the root, it is necessary to take good care of hair along with the anti-dandruff shampoo.

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