Breast cancer is one of the most commonly occurring cancers in women and the second major cause of cancer-related deaths in females. Though the number of breast cancer cases have been rising steeply in the last few decades, early detection and treatment of this condition greatly improves the prognosis. Hence, it is important to look out for symptoms, especially if you have a family history of this condition, and check in with a doctor immediately if you observe any suspicious symptom. The main signs and symptoms of breast cancer are- swelling of all or a part of the breast, skin irritation or dimpling in breast, pain in the breast or nipple, nipple turning inward, redness, scaling or thickness of nipple or skin over the breast, unusual discharge from nipple and presence of a lump either in the breast or near the underarm.

It is important to note that the presence of these symptoms may not necessarily indicate cancer, but it is important to talk to a doctor to rule out cancer as the cause. Due to the side effects associated with conventional treatments, alternative systems such as homeopathy are inceasingly gaining popularilty for the treatment of breast cancer. Though homeopathy cannot reverse the nature of cancer cells, it helps in palliating the disease and improving the quality of life.

Remedies that are commonly used in breast cancer are pulsatilla, conium, carcinosinum, sepia, staphysagria, thuja and baryta iodata. These remedies have been especially helpful in people with  pre-cancerous stages or those that are at a high risk of developing breast cancer.  

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Doctors for Homeopathic medicine, treatment and remedies for Breast Cancer
  • Carcinosinum
    Common name:
    A nosode from carcinoma. Nosodes are homeopathic remedies made using pathogenic substances, like a virus, bacteria, liver tissue and in this case, cancerous tissue. The substance is serially diluted and treated homoeopathically so that no molecules of the original substance remains in the medicine.
    Symptoms: This remedy is favourable for individuals with a personal or family history of cancer. People who benefit from this remedy experience  some of the following symptoms:
  • Conium Maculatum
    Common name:
    Poison hemlock
    Symptoms: This remedy is suited to individuals who are Indifferent by nature and are suffering because of grief. People who benefit from this remedy have some of the following symptoms:
    • Hard tumours in the breast
    • Severe, piercing pains
    • Stitching pain in the nipples (Read more: Nipple pain causes)
    • Symptoms get worse on deep breathing and walking
    • Weakness and trembling
    • Painful and heavy breasts before and during periods
    • Swelling and ulceration of glands in the underarm
    • Nodules in the breast even if there is no milk yet
    • Lax, shrunken breasts
    • White discharge after passing urine
    • Inflammation of ovaries
    • Weakness of nerves to the extent of paralysis
    • Ovaries appear bigger than normal on ultrasound scan
  • Phytolacca Decandra
    Common name: Poke root
    Symptoms: People who benefit from this remedy experience some of the following symptoms:
    •  Painful and hard breasts
    •  Purplish hue on breasts
    •  Hard nodules felt in the breast
    •  Enlargement of the small group of lymph nodes present in armpits
    •  Painful and cracked nipples
    •  Inversion of nipples
    •  Bloody discharge from nipples
    •  Heat and swelling of mammary glands
    •  Abscess (pus-filled eruption) may occur in the mammary glands
    •  Nipple pain spreads to the whole body when breastfeeding
    •  Painful breasts before and during periods
    •  Pain in the ovarian region
  • Asterias Rubens
    Common name:
    Red starfish
    Symptoms: Individuals who benefit from this remedy have some of the following symptoms:
    •  Nerve pain in the breast
    •  Continuous dull pain in breasts, which may extend to the left arm and fingers
    •  Hard, knotted glands in the underarm
    •  Swelling, which is more commonly seen in the left breast
    •  Feeling as if the breast is pulled inwards
    •  Retraction of nipples
    •  Ulcerative stage of breast cancer
    •  Numbness in the left hand and fingers
    •  Symptoms like pain become worse on movements
  • Thuja Occidentalis
    Common name: 
    Arbor vitae
    Symptoms: Individuals who benefit from this remedy have some of the following symptoms:
    • Warts on the skin
    • Tearing pains felt all over the body and in the breast
    • Pain worsens on resting and improves in dry weather
    • Rapid weight loss
    • Lumps in breasts
    • Sore and painful lumps near nipples
    • Predominantly left-sided symptoms
    • Cannot tolerate winters and cold weather
    • Retraction of nipples
    • Pain in the left ovary

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  • Pulsatilla Pratensis
    Common name:
    Symptoms: Females who benefit from this remedy have some of the following symptoms:
    • Changeable symptoms
    • Weeping while describing the symptoms
    • Symptoms better in open air
    • Discharge from nipples, if present, is yellow in colour
    • Sensitiveness of organs
    • Fat-rich food worsens symptoms
    • Suppression of periods leads to hormonal issues
    • Ulcer in the chest region
    • Generalised chilliness
    • Mother weeps every time the child is put to breast
  • Psorinum
    Common name:
    Scabies vesicle
    Symptoms: Patients who benefit from this remedy have some of the following symptoms:
    • Swollen breasts
    • Painful breasts
    • Sore nipples with oozing of acrid fluid
    • Burning ulceration in the breasts and nipples
    • Discharge is so acrid that it burns and excoriates the gland
    • Severe, intolerable itching
    • Ulcers that take time to heal
    • Dryness and eczema
    • Sleeplessness due to excessive itching
  • Arsenicum Album
    Common name:
    Arsenious acid
    Symptoms: People who benefit from this remedy report some of the following symptoms:
    • Ulcerations on the breast
    • Weakness that is out of proportion to the pain
    • Fear that the person will die of the disease
    • Anger and anxiety that taking the medicine is pointless as the person is going to die
    • The individual is restless with pain and keeps moving from one place to another
    • Extremely offensive and bloody discharge from nipples
    • Burning sensation in breast
    • Disturbed sleep due to anxiety
    • Symptoms get worse in wet weather, after midnight and from cold drinks
    • Symptms improve on application of heat


  • To prevent the disease and to help treat it with ease, always consume healthy and nutritious food and drinks.
  • in case of acute pain, the patient should be given whatever he or she demands in the form of food or drinks as those are the things that will provide temporary relief.
  • Regular exercise and walks in the open air will help relax the mind and body.


  • Do not keep homeopathic medicines near other medicinal or strong-smelling substances like perfumes as they may reduce the potency of these medicines.
  • One should not consume homeopathic medicines along with other medicinal substances like coffee, herbal teas, ice creams and spiced foods, as they react with the minimal doses of these medicines.
  • Avoid any mental and physical strain that can cause hindrance in the treatment.

Homeopathic treatment is prescribed on the basis of individual symptoms and miasms. Clinical studies indicate that belladonna, when administered along with radiotherapy, leads to a marked improvement in skin symptoms associated with breast cancer.

Further research studies report that homeopathic remedies do not change the natural course of cancer but help in palliating the disease and provide supportive care.

Clinical trials have also been successfully conducted with other remedies including carcinosin, phytolacca and thuja. Considerable shrinkage of a breast lump has been reported in a patient with the use of remedies like conium and scirrhinum. In another patient, with infiltrating breast cancer, which had spread to the liver, homeopathic treatment effectively cleared the liver metastasis first and then the breast cancer as well.

There has been no documentation of any side effects caused by the consumption of homeopathic medicines. However, it is important to ensure that the medicines are prescribed by a qualified homeopathic physician for maximum efficacy and effective treatment.

Although homeopathy may not provide complete treatment for breast cancer, it offers hope as an alternative medicine to improve the quality of life and give relief from certain symptoms. Research studies have found homeopathic medicines to be useful in treating breast cancer. Though more studies are still needed to confirm efficiency.

When compared to conventional medicine, homeopathy offers a longer lifespan. It also helps in reducing the use of painkillers and other conventional medicines used in breast cancer. Thus, homeopathy works as a great support system for patients with breast cancer.

Dr. Shikha Sharma

Dr. Shikha Sharma

3 Years of Experience

Dr. Rupali Mendhe

Dr. Rupali Mendhe

21 Years of Experience

Dr. Rubina Tamboli

Dr. Rubina Tamboli

7 Years of Experience

Dr. Anas Kaladiya

Dr. Anas Kaladiya

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