Due to irregular lifestyle, bad eating habits, contaminated environment, and stress, many types of diseases start occurring in a person's body. In today's era, it has become common for most people to have diabetes as well as BP problems due to these bad habits.

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Blood pressure causes problems in both high and low conditions. If it is not treated in time, then it becomes a serious problem and due to this, there is a risk of other diseases. You can prevent it only after understanding the normal level of blood pressure (BP).

In this article, you have been told in detail about what is blood pressure (BP), how much it should be, the normal range, and the chart. Along with this, the method of measuring BP and the risk level has also been explained.

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  1. What is blood pressure?
  2. Blood pressure normal range and chart
  3. Blood pressure range and chart by age and gender
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Your heart is the muscle that pumps blood to the tissues and organs. Blood is pumped into the arteries from the left side of your heart. Arteries are the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the body.

Blood pressure is the force or power through which blood circulates in the circulatory system of the body. The unit of blood pressure is mmHg (mm Hg: millimeter of mercury). BP is also essential for the body, as it provides white blood cells, antibodies to the immune system, and hormones such as insulin. The following figures are seen in blood pressure.

Systolic blood pressure (top level of blood pressure) - Blood pressure is at this level when the heart beats and pumps blood throughout the body.

Diastolic blood pressure (the bottom line of blood pressure) - Blood pressure is at this level when the heart is in a relaxed or resting state after it beats and before it beats again.

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What should be the normal blood pressure, or what should be its normal range, it has been told in this chart -

Classification Systolic Pressure   Diastolic Pressure
  mmHg   mmHg
Low BP (hypotension) 90 or less and 60 or less
Normal level 90 to 120 and and 60 to 80
Pre-high BP 120 to 129 and 60 to 80
Stage 1 High BP 130 to 139 and 80 to 89
Stage 2 High BP 140 or higher and 90 or higher

The level of BP can be different in children and adolescents, if there is a problem with BP in children or adolescents, then consult a doctor. The condition mentioned above can also be due to heart diseasediabeteskidney disease, and other problems and their treatment.

According to age and gender, what should be the normal blood pressure, or what should be its normal range, has been told in this chart -

Age Systolic Pressure Diastolic Pressure
    mmHG mmHG
  21-25 120.5 78.5
  26-30 119.5 76.5
  31-35 114.5 75.5
  36-40 120.5 75.5
  41-45 115.5 78.5
  46-50 119.5 80.5
  51-55 125.5 80.5
  56-60 129.5 79.5
  61-65 143.5 76.5
  21-25 115.5 70.5
  26-30 113.5 71.5
  31-35 110.5 72.5
  36-40 112.5 74.5
  41-45 116.5 73.5
  46-50 124 78.5
  51-55 122.55 74.5
  56-60 132.5 78.5
  61-65 130.5 77.5

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There can be many reasons for high BP and many types of health problems can be faced due to high BP. One of these is also heart disease. Therefore, follow a healthy lifestyle as much as possible, eat a nutritious diet, and do regular exercise, yoga, and meditation.

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