High blood pressure is such a disease related to our lifestyle, which is fast-catching for people all over the world. High BP is also called the silent killer because there are no obvious symptoms of this disease until the disease starts affecting the heart or arteries. Doctors also believe that the problem of high blood pressure is not only in the growing age but due to the wrong lifestyle, now it is being seen even in the youth.

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Along with taking medicines, high BP patients also make many changes in their diet so that this disease can be treated, but on most occasions, it is seen that the patient has to correct everything and do the right things related to medicine. Despite following the protocol, it becomes difficult to control blood pressure. A study published in the journal 'Annals of Internal Medicine' on 26 May 2020 states that a hormone called aldosterone present in our body is responsible for such blood pressure cases.

Today in this article, you will know in detail the relation between high BP and aldosterone hormone -

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  1. How does aldosterone affect BP?
  2. Can primary aldosteronism be treated?
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Doctors for Which hormone increases blood pressure?

Aldosterone is a type of steroid hormone that is produced by the outer part of the adrenal gland and this hormone acts on the kidney to maintain the level of sodium and potassium in the body to maintain the level of blood pressure. Can go If the production of the aldosterone hormone by the adrenal gland starts increasing, then our body will retain sodium but potassium will be deficient. As a result, there will be water retention in the body and high blood pressure. This process of overproduction of aldosterone is called primary aldosterone and people who suffer from this condition find it extremely difficult to control high blood pressure with the usual conventional methods.

This study was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of America, in which 1 thousand 15 patients from 4 hospitals in America were included. In this, along with people with normal blood pressure, those patients were also included who had the problem of varying degrees of high blood pressure. About 22 percent of these patients who had resistant hypertension (a type of high blood pressure that does not respond to drugs) and stage 2 i.e. severe hypertension were also found to be suffering from primary aldosteronism.

On the other hand, primary aldosteronism was found in about 16 percent of patients who had mild or stage 1 hypertension. The worst thing is that 11 percent of the patients whose blood pressure was normal were also found to be suffering from the same problem, which indicates that these patients may also become victims of hypertension later in their life. What this study ultimately shows is that early and better screening for primary aldosterone can lead to early recognition of high blood pressure in patients who may be better treated.

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Primary aldosteronism has been known to doctors for a long time, and the condition is considered very rare. However, the study we are talking about above is of a different view. This means doctors need to re-evaluate how they test aldosterone levels in patients with high blood pressure.

Currently, blood taken in the morning is tested to check for this hormone called aldosterone. However, like other hormones, its level also varies throughout the day in the body. The researchers of the aldosterone study mentioned above used a more rigorous procedure in which urine samples were collected at different times over 24 hours.

Performing this type of complex testing in a routine diagnostic or diagnostic procedure may prove difficult but it is imperative to do so because aldosterone plays a huge role in your high blood pressure levels. The best part is that once diagnosed, primary aldosterone can be easily treated. Aldosterone-blocking drugs such as spironolactone and eplerenone are used in their treatment.

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In such a situation, if a person has a problem with high blood pressure and they should take a healthy and balanced diet along with medicines. If still there is no relief, then they should talk to the doctor and get their aldosterone level checked, so that the exact cause of the disease can be known and it can be treated properly.

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