Who would want their hair to turn gray at a young age? Despite this, the problem of graying hair is increasing day by day due to changing lifestyles, poor diet, increasing work pressure, stress, anxiety, emotional weakness, etc. However, to deal with this problem, nowadays the option of coloring hair has been chosen. Whereas this causes more harm than benefit to the hair. It is not that the problem of white hair cannot be dealt with. For this, include such things in your diet which prevent hair from turning grey. Know about them.

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  1. Green leafy vegetables
  2. Blueberry
  3. Copper-rich diet
  4. Iron-rich diet
  5. Mushroom
  6. Broccoli
  7. Takeaway
Doctors for Foods to prevent grey hair

To prevent hair from greying, include green leafy vegetables in your diet. Folic acid is present in it. It prevents hair from turning grey. Include green leafy vegetables like spinachcoriander leaves, etc. You can eat green leafy vegetables cooked or raw in the form of salad. This provides other health benefits. They also have a special contribution to enhancing the beauty of hair.

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Do you know why hair turns white? Gray hair occurs due to a deficiency of elements like Vitamin B12, iodine, and zinc. Vitamin B12, iodine, zinc, and many other essential nutrients are present in good quantities in blueberries. This means that you must include this delicious fruit in your daily diet and prevent premature graying of hair.

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Copper deficiency is also one of the reasons for graying of hair. Therefore, include such fruits and vegetables in your diet which contain copper in good quantity. For example, potatoesmushroomsdry fruits like walnuts, etc. Copper is required for some enzymes, including tyrosinase. Tyrosine is necessary for the production of melanin. It is a useful element for coloring skin and hair. A study has confirmed that due to copper deficiency, hair starts turning gray at a young age. According to experts, an adult woman and man should take 900 micrograms of copper every day. Pregnant women should take 1000 micrograms of copper daily and lactating women should take 1300 micrograms of copper daily.

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Like copper, an iron-rich diet is also useful for hair. You can get plenty of iron from beans, potatoes, raisins, etc. According to experts, men and women in the age group of 19 to 50 should take 8 mg and 18 mg of iron respectively. Whereas pregnant women require 27 mg of iron daily. It is worth saying that if the level of iron starts decreasing in the body then the problem of graying of hair starts at an early age. That's why include iron-rich foods in your diet.

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Mushroom is very beneficial for health. Probably most people may not like the taste of mushrooms, but if you want to prevent your hair from turning grey, then definitely eat mushrooms. Mushrooms contain many elements that make hair black naturally.

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Like green leafy vegetables, broccoli is also a good source of folic acid. However, it is believed that folic acid is necessary only for pregnant women. While it is useful for other people also. As already mentioned it prevents hair from turning gray at an early age. Like broccoli, include peas and lentils in your diet.

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It is common for hair to turn gray with age. But problems like hair fall and premature graying of hair have also increased due to hormonal imbalance, and stress. Similarly, if you use bleach or other chemical elements in your hair, your hair can still turn white. If someone's parents' hair has turned gray in youth, then there is a higher possibility of their hair turning gray. Yes, you can avoid this kind of problem by including the things mentioned here in your diet.

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