The liver is one of the important organs of the body. The liver has an important role in cleaning the blood and digesting food. In such a situation, if your liver gets damaged, then you may have to face many problems. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the liver.

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Its main function is to convert food and drink into energy and nutrients. Due to wrong eating and lifestyle, there can be a problem of heat in the liver.

Symptoms like chest pain, dizziness, or hemoptysis may appear when there is heat in the liver. In the case of hemoptysis, the amount of blood is visible in the sputum on coughing. Therefore, if you want to keep the liver healthy, then definitely take care of your diet.

Today, in this article, we will learn about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of liver heat -

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Doctors for Liver Heat - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

According to research, heat in the liver usually emerges as pain in the chest. Apart from this, you may see some other symptoms when there is heat in the liver, which are mentioned below -

  • Cough
  • Hemoptysis in severe cases.
  • Feeling irritable
  • Tingling in the head.
  • Dizziness.
  • Feeling of bitterness in the mouth.
  • Increased thirst
  • Feeling like a yellow and smooth coating on the tongue.
  • Rapid pulse rate.

Such symptoms can be seen due to excessive heat in the liver. Therefore, if you see such symptoms in your body, contact your doctor immediately, so that any kind of serious condition can be avoided.

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Liver heat can occur due to mental and physical problems. Especially those who take the wrong food, have a bad lifestyle and more stress can have liver heat. Come, let's know in detail about the causes of liver heat -

Wrong lifestyle and food

According to Ayurveda, liver heat can be caused by the wrong diet and lifestyle. Especially if you eat more spicy food, then you may have liver heat. Due to a bad lifestyle like not exercising, lack of sleep, drinking less water, and not eating food on time, you may have liver heat.

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Mental problems

Apart from a bad lifestyle and wrong eating, a person suffering from mental problems can also have liver heat. Especially if you are in a stressful environment, you may have liver heat. So, if you are feeling the symptoms of liver heat, try to stay away from stress, to avoid a serious situation. At the same time, keep stress away from your surroundings. Apart from this, due to negative thoughts and emotionality, you can also have liver heat.

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Eating hot things

Those who consume hot things can also have the heat of the liver. This means that if you consume things with hot effects, such as chili spices, tea, coffeetobacco, and alcohol, then it can increase pitta dosha. Because of this, you may have the heat of the liver. Consumption of such things increases the bile of the body, due to which heat can increase in the liver.

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Improperly cooked food

According to experts, the consumption of improperly cooked food can also increase the heat of the liver. Many of us do not take care of the effect of food while cooking. In such a situation, while cooking things with a cold effect, they convert them into a hot effect. This type of food can increase the heat of your liver.

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Consume drugs

These days many of us suffer from various diseases like thyroidsinus, and diabetes. To avoid the problems occurring in these diseases, many types of antibiotics are used. Consumption of different types of medicines increases the heat of the liver.

Apart from these reasons, excessive anger, not exercising, and drinking less amount of water can also increase the heat of the liver.

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Doctors can do the following types of treatment when there is heat in the liver -

Care on diet

Liver heat can be treated based on its causes and symptoms. If your liver is getting hot due to food and the wrong lifestyle, then the doctor can advise you to correct the food.

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Cool the blood

In some cases, the patient may have a problem with hemoptysis when the heat in the liver increases. In this situation, an attempt is made to cool the blood to stop the bleeding. During this, doctors can try to cool the blood through medicines and food. Also, the patient is advised to avoid negative emotions to prevent liver heat.

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Medicine for liver heat

According to the condition of the patient, the doctor can give some medicines. In these medicines, the doctor may advise you to take the following medicines –

  • White-draining powder
  • Liver Heat-Dissolving Decoction
  • Indigo
  • Clamshell powder
  • Hemoptysis-Relieving Formula

Using this, efforts can be made to remove the heat of the liver to a great extent.

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Pay attention to your diet to avoid liver heat. Also exercise regularly. Apart from this, by following some easy tips, you can avoid liver heat. As -

  • Do not include spicy things in food.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Stay away from stress.
  • Don't let negative thoughts enter your mind.
  • Consume beverages.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Reduce the intake of hot things.
  • Stay away from alcohol and smoking.
  • Contact the doctor immediately if you see the symptoms of liver heat in the body so that a serious situation can be avoided.

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Due to wrong eating and lifestyle, there can be a problem of heat in the liver. Due to an increase in liver heat, you can face many problems. In such a situation, to avoid this situation, pay attention to your lifestyle. Don't eat too many spicy things. Keep yourself away from mental problems like stress, and negative thoughts. If still the symptoms of liver heat are visible, then contact the doctor immediately.

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