Amla means a treasure of beneficial properties for health. Amla contains all types of vitamins and minerals. As soon as we take the name of Amla, its sour taste comes to mind. Amla has been used as a medicine to cure various types of diseases not just from today but for a long time.

Amla contains many vitamins like Vitamin-C and Vitamin-A. It also contains antioxidants, due to which Amla becomes very beneficial for your skin. In this article we will know which vitamins are present in Amla.

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  1. Which Vitamin Amla Contains
  2. Who Should Not Consume Amla
  3. How To Consume Amla
  4. Summary
Doctors for Vitamins in Amla : Essential Nutrients for a Healthier You

Amla is called gooseberry in English. It contains a lot of flavonoid compounds, which are beneficial for our brain. Let us know in detail which vitamins are present in Amla-


Amla contains many times more Vitamin-C than oranges and lemons. Vitamin-C is considered an antioxidant in medical terms. Therefore, it is used to boost immunity and improve your skin. One gooseberry contains vitamin-C equivalent to about 20 oranges. About 300 mg of vitamin-C is found in 100 grams of gooseberry.

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Vitamin-A is considered beneficial for the eyes. You will be happy to know that vitamin-A is also present in a good amount in gooseberries. Vitamin-A protects your eyes from various diseases and infections. About 10% of the daily requirement of vitamin-A is present in gooseberries.

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Vitamin-E is also present in gooseberries. Vitamin-E is beneficial for the skin. It also helps in diseases like Alzheimer's and memory loss. Vitamin-E also increases the chances of pregnancy in women. Vitamin-E is also good for skin and hair.

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Iron is also present in high quantities in gooseberries. One gooseberry contains about 0.30 mg of iron. If you are suffering from a disease like anemia, then you must include gooseberries in your diet. This increases your hemoglobin level.

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One cup of gooseberry contains about 3 grams of fiber. Fiber helps in proper digestion and relieves you from digestive problems. Fiber also helps in balancing your cholesterol level. Consuming fiber does not make you feel hungry. Therefore, it also helps you in losing weight.

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Calcium helps in strengthening your teeth and bones. Although most of the sources of calcium are milk and dairy products, gooseberries also contain calcium in abundance. Your heart and your muscles also benefit greatly from calcium.

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Amla should not be consumed in the following conditions-

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then you must ask your doctor once before consuming Amla.
  • Consuming Amla can be very harmful for liver patients.
  • If you have any kind of bleeding disorder, then also you should consume Amla with great caution.

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Different ways of eating Amla are mentioned below-

  • You can consume Amla by drying it and making powder and mixing it in water.
  • Its murabba is also made.
  • If you can make its pickle without oil, then it can prove to be very beneficial. It is also a good option for heart patients.
  • Amla is also found in Chyavanprash. Therefore, eating Chyawanprash every night before sleeping in winter can be beneficial.

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Amla is a very nutritious fruit and it gives you a lot of benefits. It is believed that if you eat one amla a day, then it fulfills your requirement of vitamin-C for the next 7-8 days. You should remember to eat only one or two amlas every day. It also gives you fiber, calcium, iron and vitamin A.

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