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Having a short penis or perceiving your normal penis as being short is a common cause for anxiety in many men. In today’s world where everything from emotional to physical support is available on the internet with just one click, you may be tempted to try the products claiming benefits for male enhancement. However, these pills, lotions, oils or physical methods like stretching or exercise may not help, as they are not clinically proven and may not be safe or effective. Although there are surgical options to correct erectile dysfunction or conditions like micropenis, they can be equally harmful. Cosmetic surgeries to increase the penile length are not so common in India. In a nutshell, there are no completely scientifically proven methods for male enhancement. So, instead of focusing on the size, talking to your partner, staying fit and doing what your partner loves are more likely to help you have a great sex life.

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  1. What is Male enhancement
  2. Normal penis size
  3. Small-sized penis or micropenis
  4. Male enhancement techniques
  5. Conclusion
Doctors for Methods and Home Remedy to increase penis size

Male enhancement is basically enhancing the size of the male sex organ – the penis. The size of the penis is not so frequently discussed even among men, but at the same time, it is something which every man ponders over at some point or the other in life. When it comes to the length and girth of the penis, it indirectly is related to the sexual pleasure you can give your partner. If you think your penis is small in size, then what exactly is a normal-sized penis? Male enhancement deals with the various ways in which you can enlarge your penis in a bid to have enhanced sexual pleasure.

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The very need to enhance the size of the penis basically lies in boosting a man’s self-assurance and the desire to impress his sex partner. The bigger the better, therefore can only be a myth. It is always better to focus on your partner’s sexual needs than on the size of the penis. Only when there is an underlying medical condition which leads to an abnormally small-sized penis, is there a need to enhance the size of the penis or enlarge it by various available means. The best advice is that what may seem small may actually be normal. The normal size of the penis is around 9-10 cm, while the length of an erect penis is 14-16 cm and the circumference of an erect penis is around 12-13 cm, according to some studies. This definitely can vary to a great extent, as the dimensions of the flaccid, as well as the erect penis, are subjected to change depending on the method and degree of arousal, the environmental conditions and the ethnicity of the person.

An erect penile length of less than 7 cm is termed as a micro-sized penis or a micropenis. Penile growth begins before a child is born. A deficiency of the testosterone hormone can be an attributing factor to micropenis. This condition can be easily detected soon after birth by a simple physical examination by the paediatrician. Such children can be given hormonal therapy. There can be several reasons for having a short penis. Let’s have a look at these causes.

  • Penile Dysmorphophobia
    A condition where you actually have a normal penis but perceive it as short, leading to anxiety.
  • Hormonal Deficiency
    Development of the penis in the foetus takes place during the first trimester and requires adequate levels of testosterone and gonadotropins. Hypogonadism (where less or no hormones are produced) can lead to incomplete growth of the penis, resulting in a micropenis.
  • Genetic Problems
    Mutation of the gene responsible for differentiating male sex characters can lead to a micropenis-like condition. 
  • Other Problems
    Some developmental disorders can lead to an incomplete development of the penis.

The internet appears to be flooded with a plethora of male-enhancement products, ranging from various types of oils, lotions, pills and tablets to various surgical techniques, that promise to save men from the anguish of having to deal with a small penis. The techniques range from some DIY (Do It Yourself) hacks to properly monitored medical techniques performed by trained doctors. In India, in addition to this, we come across hundreds of advertisements displayed in train compartments or bus stands claiming to enhance the penile length by natural remedies. The real question here is, what exactly are the available techniques and how reliable are they? Let’s examine all these methods and find out which ones actually do work. 

These techniques can be broadly classified as non-surgical and surgical remedies for male enhancement.

Home remedies for male enhancement

Non-surgical remedies include a number of products available in the market claiming to make your sex life better by enhancing the male sex organ. A simple word of advice is to stay away from all such products and more so from quacks setting up tents by the roadside claiming to cure your problems using natural products.

  • Pills 
    Vitamins are widely available over-the-counter products and are also prescribed quite freely by physicians to treat various conditions. The most common penis enlargement pills are multivitamin pills; however, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to justify the use of vitamins in penis enlargement. In fact, unnecessary intake of vitamins can be detrimental to one’s health. Excess of vitamin intake like vitamin A, D, E and K can cause their excess accumulation in the body to toxic levels leading to adverse effects. Thus, it is necessary that you take vitamins only when you have a vitamin deficiency, and never without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Lotions and creams
    Yet another non-surgical technique is the application of lotions and creams to the male organ just before intercourse. Although massaging the penis using the product can give a feel-good sensation due to the rubbing action over the penis, there is no such drug available that can enhance the penile length merely by its external application.
  • Oils and natural medicines
    Although there are a number of massage oils in the market being advertised for enlargement of the penis, there is not enough scientific evidence to prove their efficacy. However, certain ingredients commonly found in some essential oils have been proven to improve overall sexual activity. A few of these ingredients are:
    • Butea superba: Proven to improve penile erection. 
    • Panax ginseng: Improves penile erection in men with erectile dysfunction.
    • Gingko biloba: May help with sexual arousal.

These oils have been associated with skin allergies, hence it is very risky to use such products without the consent of your partner and the advice of your doctor. Doing a patch test to rule out the possibility of an allergy before using these products can prove beneficial. 

  • Exercise
    A commonly suggested exercise is ‘jelqing’. In this exercise, you have to repeatedly use your thumb and index finger to pull the flaccid penis so that it becomes erect. The science behind this stretching exercise points at increasing the blood supply to the penis, thereby increasing its length and circumference and resulting in a penis size greater than the normal erect size. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that jelqing increases the length of the erect penis.
  • Penile extenders
    In this technique, a traction device is attached to the flaccid penis. The traction device may be a weight or a frame that stretches the penis and causes an erection. There is scientific evidence that the use of extender devices in men who complained of a small penis showed positive results, with an increase in length and girth of the erect penis. Penile extenders from several manufacturing companies are available in the market; however, there is a possibility of some negative effects with their use. There are chances of tissue injury to the skin surrounding the penis due to the device. Some men complain of curving of the penis with the use of the extender device, a condition commonly known as Peyronie’s disease
  • Vacuum pump
    A widely advertised option available in the market for enlargement of the penis is a vacuum pump called a penis pump. However, the claims made by this device are false, as it cannot enlarge a penis that can have an erection normally. Nevertheless, in the case of erectile dysfunction, the vacuum pump can be useful in maintaining an erection. The vacuum pump is used by placing a tube over the penis and pumping the air out of it to create a vacuum, thereby drawing blood into the penis and causing it to swell. However, penis pumps can be harmful if used for long and can permanently damage the elastic tissue of the penis, leading to a reduction in the firmness of penis during erections. 
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Male enhancement surgery

There are many surgical options available for the enlargement of the penis. However, most of these options are used for men suffering from micropenis or erectile dysfunction. Although the same type of surgical procedures can be tried in men dealing with a short penis, they may not be completely successful. Let’s look at the various surgical options available to enhance the size of the male organ.

  • Penile augmentation
    This surgery attempts to increase the circumference of the penis in the following ways:
    • Fat removed from your own body will be injected into your penis to augment the girth and length of your penis. It is a less invasive form of surgery and does not show any foreign body reaction, as the fat is from your own body. In some cases, repeated procedures may be required as the fat can get reabsorbed in the body and the penis may return to its original size. Moreover, there can be scars at the site of this graft surgery.
    • Liquid silicone, hyaluronic acid, polyacrylamide and mineral oil may be injected into your penis in order to increase the girth and length of the penis. However, these injectables may trigger a foreign body or an allergic reaction.
  • Suspensory ligament release
    In this procedure, a small cut (V-Y cut) is made in one of the ligaments that hold the penis in place i.e., the suspensory ligament which attaches the penis to the pelvic bone behind. The cut in the ligament makes the penis appear lengthy as it hangs down. If the surgery is not a complete success, it can be corrected by placing a vascularised flap between the pubis and the severed ligament. The shortcomings of this method are penile shortening after a while and loss of support to the erect penis, leading to difficulty in penetration.
    An advancement of the V-Y cut surgery is closing the V-Y incision with a graft. However, the graft can lead to unhealed wounds and cause infections.
  • Suprapubic lipectomy
    It is performed in men with a buried penis to increase the perceptive length of the penis by removing the fat surrounding the penis.
  • Penis disassembly
    In this procedure, your penis will be separated along with the neurovascular bundle from the surrounding structures, then an autologous rib cartilage graft is placed and the penis is reassembled.
  • Flap reconstruction
    If the penile shortening is due to a lack of soft tissue or tethering of the penis on the dorsal bone, then a flap made of local tissue can be grafted to lengthen the penis.

Although you may often feel that you have a short penis, it might actually be of a normal size. It is, therefore, better to talk to your physician about the problem. Proper counselling may help in relieving anxiety and stress associated with this condition. Consulting a physician before trying any of the above methods is advisable compared to facing the hazards and risks associated with these remedies. Don’t be lured by non-surgical remedies available in the market for penis enlargement, as they lack scientific evidence and hence cannot be proven effective. In fact, they can cause harm. Surgical procedures are meant for men who have penile dysfunction due to a birth defect or some kind of injury, and there is very little chance that any surgeon would perform the surgery for cosmetic purposes. Thus, surgery is not an ideal option purely for penis enlargement. It is, therefore, prudent to communicate with your partner and understand each other, rather than worry about the size of the penis and be tempted to use the spurious options available in the market. 

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