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Abortion is physically and mentally difficult for any woman. In most cases, women return to their normal routine within a week after abortion. At the same time, some women have to face various physical problems due to abortion. The most common problem among these is bleeding. Usually women consider this bleeding as the beginning of the period, whereas it is not so. In this article we will learn in detail about the things related to bleeding after abortion -

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  1. How Many Days Bleeding Last After Abortion?
  2. Difference Between Menstrual Bleeding And Abortion Bleeding
  3. When To See A Doctor?
  4. Summary
Doctors for Bleeding After Abortion: Key Facts and When to Seek Help

There are two types of abortions - surgical abortion and medical abortion. When a woman gets her abortion done through operation, it is called surgical abortion. On the other hand, when the abortion of the woman happens due to some reason, then it is called medical abortion. Let us know in detail how long bleeding occurs after abortion -

  • After any kind of abortion, bleeding of women can occur from one week to 15 days, which is completely different from periods.
  • Compared to surgical abortion, women bleed more in medical abortion. In medical abortion, along with bleeding, blood clots also occur, which last for about 4 hours. If the woman has to change more than 2 pads every 2 hours and the bleeding is not reduced, then she should immediately talk to the doctor.
  • It is also not right for the woman to have very little or no bleeding after abortion. In such a situation, there may be a possibility of infection in the uterus. Usually, after abortion, bleeding is necessary for the woman for one to two weeks. After this, bleeding turns into spotting or stops completely.

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Bleeding occurs both after abortion and during periods, but bleeding is more after abortion. Also, there are more blood clots in this type of bleeding. Let us know the difference between period flow and bleeding after abortion -

  • Bleeding after abortion can last from 7 days to 15 days, while bleeding during periods is considered to be for 5-7 days.
  • Usually bleeding is more on the second and third day of the period, which reduces by the fifth day, while bleeding after abortion does not have such a pattern.
  • Spotting during periods starts 1-2 days before the period and stops 1-2 days after it ends. On the other hand, after abortion, after the bleeding in a woman reduces, spotting can continue till the next period.
  • During bleeding after abortion, the woman experiences pain in the lower abdomen and waist, while during period flow, there are more stomach cramps.

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If the following symptoms are seen after abortion, one should immediately contact the doctor -

  • If bleeding is occurring for 15 days or more after abortion.
  • Feeling lightheaded, feeling dizzy.
  • If the woman is experiencing intermittent bleeding or spotting or blood clots, she should immediately see a doctor, as this may mean that some part of the fetus is still left in the uterus, which increases the risk of infection.
  • If there is severe pain in the lower abdomen and waist, which does not subside even after drinking soup or applying hot water bottle.
  • If the woman complains of vomiting, diarrhea, mild fever, feeling cold/hot, sweating along with bleeding.
  • If the woman has severe pain in the pelvic region, green/yellow discharge, foul smell in the discharge.
  • Periods do not start within 4-8 weeks after abortion.

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The bleeding that occurs after abortion causes a lot of weakness and loss of strength in the woman's body. This affects the overall health. Therefore, the woman should know that bleeding for a week to 15 days after abortion is normal, but if bleeding occurs even after that, then a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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