During pregnancy and after delivery, many types of changes occur in the skin of every woman. While some women have to face acne, the skin of many women looks dry and lifeless. Of course, at such a time most of the woman's time is spent in taking care of her baby, but along with that it is also important to take care of your skin. For this, there is nothing much, just small tasks that need to be done.In this article you will know what a woman should apply on the face after delivery -

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  1. How To Take Care Of Your Face After Delivery?
  2. Tips For Glowing Skin After Delivery
  3. Summary
Doctors for Postpartum Skincare: How to Rejuvenate Your Skin After Delivery

If the glow has disappeared from the woman's face after delivery, then it can be regained by using cleanser and moisturizer. Let's know about it in detail -

Cleanser For Skin Care

To keep the skin healthy after delivery and to increase the glow of the face, it is necessary to keep the skin clean. This is necessary not only after delivery, but also in general. In such a situation, it is important that women use mild and good quality cleansers. Choose cleansers or any cosmetic product according to your skin type.

If the skin is dry, always use moisturizing and hydrating cleansers. Whereas, for oily or acne skin, choose an exfoliating cleanser, which helps in removing dead skin cells. Whereas, use a mild cleanser for sensitive skin.

Keep in mind, avoid buying cleansers containing chemicals. If you have any confusion about the cleanser, then talk to a dermatologist or your doctor. Clean your skin every morning and evening.

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Toner For Skin Care

Along with cleaning the skin, toning is also important. Therefore, do not forget to use toner after cleanser. Try to buy toner according to your skin type and chemical free. You can also use rose water as a toner. You can also use toner on alternate days.

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Moisturizer For Skin Care

After cleansing and toning, it is necessary to moisturize the skin. Moisturizer is necessary for every skin, whether it is dry or oily skin. Moisturizer is one of the essential skin care products to maintain skin moisture and reduce dullness. It is necessary to use moisturizer after washing the face in the morning and evening.

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Sunscreen For Skin Care

Many women rest at home for some time after delivery. This is also necessary, but during this time if they think that their skin does not need sunscreen because they are not going out, then this is a misconception. It is not necessary to apply sunscreen only when you go out in the sun. It is necessary to apply sunscreen in summer, rainy and even winter seasons.

So, do not forget to include sunscreen in your skin care routine after delivery. Women should buy sunscreen according to their skin type and try to use a sunscreen with at least 30 or more than 40 SPF. If needed, take advice from your doctor or dermatologist about this.

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Skin Care Night Routine After Delivery

Skin needs to be taken care of not only during the day but also at night. Therefore, before sleeping at night, clean your face thoroughly with a cleanser and apply a good night cream before sleeping. If there are dark circles under the eyes, then definitely apply under eye cream. You can also apply olive oil or aloe vera gel that suits the skin before sleeping.

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Homemade Face Pack For Skin Care Routine

Women can also use homemade face masks to bring back the glow on the face after delivery. Applying homemade face masks once a week can be beneficial to keep your face glowing. For this, face masks made of banana, orange, sandalwood, multani mitti and neem powder can be beneficial. Face masks containing natural ingredients can be helpful in bringing a natural glow on the face.

Note: If you notice any unusual changes, itching and rashes in the skin after using any skin care product, then immediately stop using that product and talk to the doctor about it.

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Along with the above mentioned remedies, you can also follow the tips given below to bring glow on the face after delivery -

  • Drink as much water as possible, so that the skin remains hydrated. Sometimes the skin becomes dry after delivery, due to which itching problems can also occur, so it is important that the skin remains hydrated.
  • Always remember that just applying cream or face pack is not enough for the skin, but proper diet is also necessary. So take the right diet, include fruits, green vegetables, fruit juices, dairy products in your diet. You can also take a diet chart from your doctor.
  • Sleep and wake up at the right time and make yoga and exercise a part of your lifestyle. If you want, you can also go for a walk in the morning and evening.
  • Keep in mind that whatever skin care product you choose, it should not contain retinol and corticosteroids.
  • Try to keep yourself away from stress and anxiety. To entertain yourself, you can do your favorite activities like painting, listening to music, reading books and cooking etc.

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Changes in skin after delivery are normal and there is no need to worry about it. By adopting some habits, the glow of the face can be maintained after delivery. Keep in mind that not only skin care products, but diet also plays an important role in keeping the skin healthy and maintaining the glow on the face. Therefore, take full care of your diet. Yes, if any skin related problem persists for a long time, then definitely talk to a specialist.

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