Zaarah Moringa Powder 100gm

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100 gm Powder in 1 Bottle
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100 GM POWDER 1 Bottle ₹ 251 ₹295 14% OFF Save: ₹44
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    Frequently Bought Together

    Zaarah Moringa Powder Information

    Zaarah Moringa Powder is an ayurvedic medicine that is primarily used for the treatment of Weak immune system, Weakness, Nerve Weakness, Weak Digestion. The key ingredients of Zaarah Moringa Powder are Moringa (Sahjan). The properties of which have been shared below. The correct dosage of Zaarah Moringa Powder depends on the patient's age, gender, and medical history. This information has been provided in detail in the dosage section.

    Ingredients of Zaarah Moringa Powder

    Moringa (Sahjan)
    • Medications or agents that lower blood glucose levels and are used in the treatment of diabetes.
    • Drugs which aid in swelling reduction following an injury
    • Agents that reduce oxidative stress and revert oxidative damage in the body cells.
    • Agents that relieve muscle spasms.
    • A substance or drug that increases the flow of urine. It is used to lower blood pressure and for detoxification.
    • Agents or medicine that acts on the immune system to modulate immunity.
    • Agents that are used to nourish body organs and provied it with essential nutrients and minerals.
    • Drugs that are effective in killing or reducing the growth of bacteria.
    • An agent or a medicine that is used to treat high blood pressure.
    • Drugs which reduce lipid and cholesterol levels in the body and are helpful in the management of cardiac disorders.
    • Drugs which help to manage seizures due to epilepsy and are used in its treatment.
    • Mineral-enriched substances that improve the whole body’s functioning.
    • Substances that assist with treating skin break out.
    • Substances that promote weight loss by reducing fat deposition and improving metabolism.

    Zaarah Moringa Powder Benefits

    Zaarah Moringa Powder is used to treat the following -

    Zaarah Moringa Powder Dosage

    This is the usual dosage recommended in most common treatment cases. Please remember that every patient and their case is different, so the dosage can be different based on the disease, route of administration, patient's age and medical history.

    Age Group Dosage
    • General: Use prescribed amount
    • Before or After Meal: After Meal
    • Single Maximum Dose: 3 g
    • Preferred way of taking: LukeWarm Water
    • Dosage Form: Powder
    • Dosage Route: Oral
    • Frequency: BID (twice daily)

    Zaarah Moringa Powder Side Effects

    No side effects of Zaarah Moringa Powder have been reported in the medical literature. However, you should always consult your doctor before using Zaarah Moringa Powder.

    This medicine data has been created by -

    Dr. Braj Bhushan Ojha

    BAMS, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Ayurveda, Sexology, Diabetology
    10 Years of Experience


    Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Department of Ayush: Government of India. [link]. Volume 4. Ghaziabad, India: Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy; 2004: Page No 124-131

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