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myUpchar Ayurveda Prajnas Capsule Fertility Booster For Men & Women

5.0/5.0 (20 Ratings & 20 Reviews)
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    Prajnas Fertility Booster to help conceive naturally by myUpchar Ayurveda Information

    Prajans fertility booster is made up of 3 main active ingredients. this ayurvedic formulation is made for both men and women. 

    The aim of Ayurveda is Swastha Raksha and Vikar Prashman. This means maintaining the health of a healthy individual and alleviating the disease to get back health in an individual. To keep this in mind myUpchar Ayurveda prepared these medicines.

    It makes your uterus healthy and helps to get pregnant naturally. If somebody is facing problems like infection, low sperm count, inflammation, disturb menstruation cycle, vaginal discharges, imbalance hormones, etc. it also works in that.

    As per World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 60–80 million couples have infertility problems worldwide. In the Ayurvedic system of medicine, practitioners use herbal drugs to correct health disorders with a holistic approach.

    Key Ingredients


    Gokshura acts as a libido-enhancing agent and is beneficial for problems such as infertility, sexual dysfunction, and low sperm count. It contains a chemical called protodioscin, which works to increase testosterone levels. Gokshura medicine also helps improve sex drive for couples.


    Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) are stimulated by Kapikachu, which leads to the correct level of sex hormone, namely testosterone. As a result, sperm count improves, addressing the issue of male infertility.


    Shatavari is especially used to correct hormonal imbalances, improve ovarian function, and reduce period pain and premenstrual syndrome. Asparagus not only improves immunity but also enhances mental health. It is also beneficial for increasing physical vigor and strength. According to medical research, there is no harm in consuming asparagus in limited quantities over an extended period.

    Who Should Take It?

    If you have :

    • Who is advised for IVF or failed IVF procedure.
    • Couples having  late marriages.
    • Low sperm count or disturb the quality.
    • Unable to conceive for 1 year or.
    • Facing difficulty to conceive a second child.
    • Low AMH.
    • Having gynecological issues like irregular periods, PCOS/PCOD, and dysmenorrhea.


    • Regulates hormones like LH, FSH, Testosterone, prolactin, etc.
    • Improves quality of egg and sperm.
    • Regulate ovarian cycle.
    • Regulates menstrual cycle.
    • Improves mood swings.
    • Improves sperm count and libido.
    • Diuretic effects.
    • Enhances testosterone and immunity levels.
    • Anti-aging properties.
    • Improves AMH.
    • Improves endurance.


    2 tablets in a day after meal with lukewarm water.


    • Healthy individual (wants to conceive healthily)-  6 months 
    • Primary infertility – 1 year
    • Secondary infertility – 1 year (minimum)

    (* Dosage and duration vary from person to person as per their condition and severity. The generalized minimum dose is mentioned here.)

    Key Points

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    5.0 (20 Ratings & 20 Reviews)
    5/5 Rating


    Taking them every day and am happy with the results.

    5/5 Rating


    I’ve been taking Heart Care for years, I suffer from angina and these capsules have decreased the frequency of symptoms for me.

    5/5 Rating


    I personally thanks for this product, This medicine can made my heart is healthy without any side effects.

    5/5 Rating


    Best Indian Ayurveda product to reduce BP and Cholesterol without any side effects compare to Alopathy medicines.

    5/5 Rating


    I am using this pack from last 2 months. I feel the better results than other herbal medicines i tried and no side effects.

    5/5 Rating


    I take these and also the Liver Care product. In general, this brand is really better than other brands!

    5/5 Rating


    This product is great. I have recommended it to a few people and I personally know that one person has began taking it. I like the product because it is good for your heart and regulates blood pressure.

    5/5 Rating


    Have had some heart strain symptoms recently, this really helped me to feel better. Nice mix of herbs.

    5/5 Rating


    It improves heart functions and also brings down..Works very well.

    5/5 Rating


    We bought this for taking care of our heart after using another myupchar item, madhurodh. We love this product, works awesome!

    5/5 Rating


    This is one of the best product I got for my cholesterol problem. Quality is really good and it really worked for me. On my second month use all my body pain has gone

    5/5 Rating


    Love these for heart health..I am using them in place of aspirin with krill oil capsules.

    5/5 Rating


    A very good product that I've taken for 3 months. Being involved with strength training as well as cardio, this supplement enhances my circulation, energy levels and of course there's more. I'd recommend to any active person.

    5/5 Rating


    100% natural product for improves heart function and enhances its efficiency. Buy again.

    5/5 Rating


    I ordered this product for my father and it is good.Really effective Product.

    5/5 Rating


    It helps maintain BP and relaxes the heart. Also helps with anxiety and sleep. Highly recommended!

    5/5 Rating


    I’m amazed at the results of these Capsules. It sure takes time but effective eventually. Moreover, all ayurvedic ingredients and their benefits are wonderful. Thanks!

    5/5 Rating


    I have been taking this capsules for a long time now. It helps maintain blood pressure and cholesterol. I like it better than another supplement I used to take. I would recommend it.

    5/5 Rating


    I wanted a supplement for heart and cholesterol. I have tried few supplements before too, but after trying cureveda's supplement I will highly recommend to people for opting this supplement. It made me feel more energetic and fresh too. Thank you cureveda

    4/5 Rating


    Great for heart and does not causes any side-effects.100% Natural product