The problem of epilepsy mostly occurs in children and older people. Due to epilepsy, the patient has seizures, which can also take a serious form in some cases. As far as the treatment of epilepsy is concerned, it is not possible to cure it completely, but with proper care, the seizures can be stopped completely. There are medicines, a good lifestyle, surgery, therapy, etc. as a treatment to prevent seizures.

Today in this article you will understand in detail why epilepsy cannot be eradicated from the root, but how seizures can be prevented -

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Like high BPasthma, and diabetes, epilepsy is also a disease, which can only be controlled. The best thing related to this is that in 75% of the cases of epilepsy, the seizures can be completely controlled. After taking anti-epileptic treatment, the seizures stop and in the case of children, there is no need for any further treatment. Therefore, there is no need to worry about epilepsy, controlling it better can lead a normal life.

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Within a few years of starting the right treatment, 6 out of 10 people with epilepsy become free from the problem of seizures. Most of these people never experience an epileptic fit again. About 66% of people with epilepsy can control their condition by using anti-epileptic medication. Surgery can prove to be a better option for those who do not get relief from the medicine. About 70% of people can become free of seizures after surgery.

As it has become clear that the cure for epilepsy is not possible, but with the help of better treatment, seizures can be prevented. Several options exist for stopping seizures. It depends on the condition of each person which treatment will be better for him -

Seizure medications

Epilepsy treatment is always started with medicine. Doctors try to stop the seizures with medicine. For this, antiseizure medicines are given, which work to prevent the spread of seizures in the brain. Doctors decide the dosage of the medicine only after looking at the patient's condition, age, and duration of seizures.

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Seizure surgery

According to research conducted in 2018, less than 1% of people with epilepsy undergo surgery to control the condition. In surgery, the part of the brain that causes seizures is removed. Surgery is done when the medicine does not work. Apart from this, surgery is also performed in the following situations -

  • If the daily life of the patient is being affected due to the seizures.
  • Seizures come from the same area of the brain each time, as in the case of focal epilepsy, and are not responding to medication.
  • Abnormality in one of the parts of the brain where the seizures start.
  • The patient is having seizures due to an atonic or tonic type of epilepsy.
  • People started hurting themselves due to seizures.

Seizure therapy

Implantable devices, vagus nerve stimulation, and a seizure alert system can prove to be a better option to control seizures due to epilepsy. In about 30% of people, medicines to control seizures do not work or cause side effects. If surgery is also not possible in this case, then devices can prove to be a better option. These devices are also known as neuromodulation. They are implanted in the brain. Light electric current comes out of these devices, due to which the cells of the brain can work better.

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Diet and lifestyle

It is also necessary to make changes in diet and lifestyle to prevent seizures due to epilepsy. Along with medicines, taking a low-carbohydrate diet can help in controlling the condition. At the moment, it is not clear how this diet proves beneficial for epilepsy. Along with diet, making the following changes in lifestyle can also be beneficial -

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and drugs.
  • Try to stay away from stress.
  • Do exercise every day.

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There is no cure for epilepsy and the average age of people suffering from this problem is reduced by 10-12 years. Nevertheless, people affected by epilepsy can lead a better life with the right treatment. By taking medicines on the advice of the doctor, following a good diet, and following a better lifestyle, the seizures caused by epilepsy can be eliminated. If there is no benefit from the medicine, then on the advice of the doctor, surgery or getting a device installed in the brain can also improve life.

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