Neem has special importance in Ayurveda. It is used to manufacture many types of medicines. Neem leaves and roots are used in Ayurvedic treatment. Neem is used to overcome many serious problems. Neem is also used to cure complex diseases like piles related to anus.

In Ayurveda, it is possible to treat many problems caused by piles through medicines prepared from Neem. However, many doubts remain in the minds of people regarding the use of Neem for the treatment of piles. Neem can be useful in the initial stages of piles, but in severe cases the effect of neem is less. In this situation contact with a doctor is required. In this article, we will know in detail about the treatment of piles with Neem and what is the truth -

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  1. Benefits Of Neem In Piles
  2. Treatment Of Piles With Neem
  3. Precautions In Piles Problem
  4. Side Effects Of Neem For Piles
  5. Summary
Doctors for Neem Benefits For Piles: Natural Relief for Hemorrhoid Sufferers

Treatment of piles with Neem can be a simple and safe treatment. Come, let us know -

  • The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and pain-relieving properties present in Neem can reduce the swelling caused by warts. Also, it can be effective in relieving pain by eliminating bacteria.
  • Not only this, Neem can be an effective medicine for the patients suffering from piles who have more acidity problems. Digestion can be improved by its use. Additionally, it helps prevent constipation, thereby preventing aggravation of hemorrhoid symptoms.
  • It reduces swelling, pain, itching and infection caused by piles. Apart from removing piles, it is also helpful in improving digestion, removing acidity and constipation.

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Piles is a disease related to the anus, in which warts are formed in the external and internal parts of the anus. Due to this, patients start having swelling and pain in the anus. Patients affected by this problem face difficulty in performing daily tasks. The usefulness of Neem for the treatment of piles is widespread. In case of problems with piles, it can be used in many ways. Piles can be treated by applying paste of neem flowers and leaves or by drinking its juice. Let us know about it in detail -

  • A paste of neem leaves and flowers can be applied on the warts, which can remove the warts as soon as possible.
  • Many types of medicines can be prepared by extracting the juice of neem leaves and fruit, which also includes neem cream. Neem cream can be applied on piles of warts. This eliminates or destroys the warts.
  • Neem juice is considered very effective in the treatment of external piles. For this, crush Neem leaves and extract its juice and apply it on external piles, which will provide relief to the patient in a short time. This will improve digestion and the problem of constipation will also go away.
  • Neem oil is also considered effective in the treatment of piles. Soak a cotton cloth in neem oil and apply it on the warts. Neem oil can also be used in sitz baths.
  • Applying a paste mixed with neem leaves and coconut oil provides relief from swelling and pain caused by piles. Neem leaves have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which can be effective in reducing itching, infection and swelling.

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Some precautions need to be taken while treating piles with Neem, so that you do not suffer any physical harm. For this, patients need to take the following precautions, such as -

  • Before making paste from neem leaves, wash them thoroughly. The grinder and sieve used for grinding should not contain chillies or spices, otherwise it can cause irritation in the warts.
  • Pregnant women and people suffering from any chronic disease should avoid using Neem for piles.
  • Neem juice should be consumed in regular quantities for some time only, otherwise it can prove harmful for the body.
  • Men suffering from infertility should avoid using Neem, because according to some research it can reduce sperm count.
  • People suffering from a serious problem of diabetes should consume neem for piles only after the permission of the doctor, because it reduces the sugar level which diabetes medicines also do. Therefore, a sudden drop in blood sugar level may cause problems to the patient.

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Neem treatment is not effective in piles in the following conditions-

  • If the problem of piles is in the early grades, then Neem can be the most suitable Ayurvedic treatment option for it. At the same time, its treatment is not very effective for upper grades of piles.
  • The size of warts increases in upper grades of piles, hence laser surgery is recommended for upper grade piles.
  • It is beneficial to use Neem only when symptoms of the initial grade of piles appear. In case of a serious problem, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.

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Neem is a natural and safe Ayurvedic treatment option for early stage treatment of piles. The usefulness of Neem is wide, because it can be used in many ways. This can help in removing piles warts. However, pregnant women and people suffering from chronic diseases should avoid its use. At the same time, Neem may not be effective in severe cases of piles. Therefore, before using Neem for the treatment of piles, consult a doctor once.

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