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Hepatitis A is a disease that directly affects the liver. This disease can be caused by consuming contaminated water and food. Apart from this, hepatitis A can also be spread by coming in contact with the blood and other fluids of an infected person. This disease can damage the liver. However, Hepatitis A is not serious and gets cured by itself, but the patient suffering from it must pay attention to his diet. During this, high-calorie foods should be taken. Also, the liquid should be taken more.

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Today in this article, you will know in detail about what to eat and what not to eat in Hepatitis A-

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  1. What to eat for Hepatitis A?
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Doctors for What should eat or avoid in Hepatitis A

In the case of hepatitis A, along with medical treatment, healthy eating is also necessary. Only a good diet can make the liver strong and reduce the symptoms of hepatitis A. The diet which is taken in other types of hepatitis is almost the same as is eaten in hepatitis A also. In hepatitis, it is necessary to keep high-calorie food and fluid intake more. Come, let's know about this in detail -

Eat whole grains

Eating whole grains is beneficial for Hepatitis A patients. If someone has Hepatitis A, then they can eat brown rice, oatmeal, whole oatscorn, etc. These foods can be included in the diet if you have hepatitis A.

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High-calorie food

Hepatitis requires more calories. Therefore, such foods should be included in a diet, which is high in calories. For this, the patient can be given whole grain bread, nutsegg, homemade protein shake, etc.

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Liquid substance

Diarrhea or vomiting due to hepatitis A can lead to dehydration. To avoid this, the patient should be given maximum fluids. For this, it would be better to give fruit juice and milk instead of water.

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Get healthy fats

In the case of hepatitis, trans fat should be stopped completely and healthy fat should be made a part of your diet. Olive oil, canola oil, and linseed oil can be used for this, but these oils should also be used in small quantities.

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The way eating certain foods is beneficial when you have Hepatitis A. Similarly, avoiding certain things is also beneficial, as many foods can trigger hepatitis A symptoms. This can cause more damage to the liver -

Do not eat processed foods

Processed foods should not be consumed if you have Hepatitis A. It becomes very difficult for the liver to digest processed foods. At the same time, nutrients are also not found in these foods. Due to this, there is a risk of more damage to the liver. Processed foods can trigger hepatitis A symptoms.

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Don't drink alcohol

Alcohol is the main cause of hepatitis A. People who drink alcohol can get hepatitis A, but if someone already has hepatitis A, then do not consume alcohol at all. Drinking alcohol increases the stress on the liver and this can trigger the symptoms of hepatitis A. Alcohol can increase the risk of liver damage.

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Avoiding sugar

Eating sugar in excess is injurious to health. This can trigger the symptoms of hepatitis A. In the case of Hepatitis A, drinking sweet soda, etc. should also be avoided.

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Low iron intake

People with hepatitis A should also consume iron in limited quantities, as it can be very difficult for patients with chronic hepatitis to absorb iron. Taking more iron can lead to an increase in the symptoms of hepatitis A. Excess of iron increases the risk of tissue damage in the liver. For this reason, iron should be limited in the case of hepatitis A.

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Eat less salt

People with hepatitis should consume salt in moderation, as foods high in sodium can cause more damage to the liver. During this, junk food, etc. should also be avoided.

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Avoid eating outside food

Hepatitis A is often spread by eating unhealthy food. In such a situation, people who eat outside food may face more cases of Hepatitis A. On the other hand, if someone already has Hepatitis A, then completely avoid eating outside.

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Avoid red meat

Eating red meat etc. should also be avoided in case of Hepatitis A. Liver is not able to digest red meat easily, and it also contains high sodium. This can trigger the symptoms of hepatitis.

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Hepatitis A is a serious liver disease. It can damage the liver. In this case, it is necessary to get treatment for hepatitis A. Along with treatment, it is also necessary to take a healthy diet for Hepatitis A. People who take a healthy diet can recover quickly from Hepatitis A. At the same time, avoiding unhealthy foods is also very important.

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