Due to poor lifestyle and unbalanced eating habits, cases of heart diseases are increasing continuously. Some people even have to face heart failure. Heart failure is a serious problem, which can be fatal, so it is necessary to get it treated. There are many reasons behind heart failure, but most people do not know that anemia can be faced in case of heart failure. Fatigue, difficulty in breathing and rapid heartbeat are the main symptoms of heart failure and anemia. Today in this article you will learn in detail about the relationship between anemia and heart failure -

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  1. What Is Anemia?
  2. What Is Heart Failure?
  3. Relation Between Anemia And Heart Failure
  4. Symptoms Of Anemia And Heart Failure
  5. Treatment Of Anemia And Heart Failure
  6. Summary
Doctors for Anemia and Heart Failure: Insights into a Complex Relationship

Anemia is a condition in which red blood cells are not produced in the body in sufficient quantity. Due to this, oxygen is not able to reach all the parts of the body. In this condition, the level of protein called hemoglobin found in red blood cells in the body starts decreasing.

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Heart failure occurs when the heart is unable to pump oxygenated blood to the body. This happens due to the stiffening of the heart muscles. This can affect the right, left or both sides of the heart. In some cases, heart patients may have to face anemia.

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There is an important connection between anemia and heart failure. When heart failure occurs, in this condition, fluid gets trapped in the lungs. Sometimes fluid also accumulates in the legs, due to which there may be swelling in the legs. In this condition, the heart is unable to pump enough blood throughout the body, due to which all the organs are not able to get oxygen.

In such a situation, heart failure can cause chronic kidney disease. In this condition, the blood vessels of the kidney get damaged. In such a situation, the kidney does not get enough oxygen, which makes it very difficult for the kidney to filter the blood.

When chronic kidney disease occurs, the amount of erythropoietin produced by the kidney starts decreasing. Let us tell you that erythropoietin o.r. EPO is a type of protein, which helps in making red blood cells. In such a situation, when the level of EPO is low, the symptoms of anemia start being felt.

In simple language, chronic kidney disease can occur due to heart failure. When chronic kidney disease occurs, the kidney reduces the production of EPO. In such a situation, the level of EPO decreases, which causes anemia.

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Some symptoms of anemia and heart failure are similar. These include fatigue, shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat etc. Apart from this, some symptoms of anemia and heart failure can also be different -

Symptoms Of Anemia - headache, blisters on the tongue, pale skin, dry skin, dizziness and leg shaking.

Symptoms Of Heart Failure - swelling in the ankles or feet, cough, frequent urination, upset stomach and nausea etc.

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Heart failure can cause anemia. In such a situation, it is necessary to treat heart failure, but it is not completely possible to treat heart failure. Only its symptoms can be reduced. When heart failure is treated, the symptoms of anemia also start reducing.

The treatment of heart failure depends on the stage in which it is. For this, the doctor may recommend some medicines and lifestyle changes. Apart from this, if someone has heart disease, then heart failure can be prevented by treating it. For this, there is a need to exercise regularly and take a healthy diet. It is also important to keep diabetes and high blood pressure under control. To treat anemia, the doctor may recommend taking iron, vitamin-B12 and vitamin-B9 supplements.

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Both heart failure and anemia are serious conditions. When a person feels the symptoms of heart failure for a long time, it can affect the kidneys and cause anemia. This condition can also be life-threatening. In such a situation, it is important to get both of them treated on time. Therefore, if someone feels any symptoms of anemia due to heart failure, do not ignore it at all.

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