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The practice of naming has been followed for many years, particularly within the realm of religion. In religious contexts, gender is assigned a special significance through the act of naming. The choice of a name for one's gender is considered significant, holding great importance within the religious community. Consequently, parents are cautious when selecting a name for their child's gender. In muslim, naming is not merely a means of providing a distinct identity; its significance transcends this purpose. The future of an individual's gender is believed to be influenced by their name. It is thought that the name can guide Boy towards the right path. People who adhere to the religious practices of muslim in India and other countries place a significant emphasis on the positive and honorable connotations of a name within their faith. It is believed that a name must carry a positive meaning and bring honor to the individual and society. Only then is the name considered correct and virtuous. In religion, it is believed that gender has a significant impact on one's life. The name given to a person often signifies their nature, how they interact with others and their speech patterns. When an infant is born into a religious community, the naming process is a crucial first step. Parents always strive to select an auspicious name for their child, as it is believed to be closely linked to the child's nature and future. The success in gender's life is thought to be influenced by their name in the religious context. Naming a child in this religion involves careful consideration. In this faith, gender is often given a name associated with success and a positive meaning.

Muslim boy names with meanings

Name Meaning
Adheem Rare, Great
Adham The first prophet of Allah
Adeem Rare, Great
Adeebah One who has excellent manners
Adeeb A literary person, Cultured, Civilized
Adawi (Grandson of sayyindina Umer)
Adalah Justice
Adab Respect, Hope and need
Ad-Darr The creator of the harmful
Abzari Seeds, Spice, Seeds Man, One who sows, The Persian scribe and memorizer of tradition, Abu-ishaq Ibrahim had this name
Abyaz White, Pure
Hudhaifah Old Arabic name
Hudhafah Old Arabic name
Hudad Name of a pre islamic Arabic king
Hud Name of a prophet of almighty, A prophet title of the 11th
Hubaish A well known bird
Hubaab Bubble of water, Name of a sahabi
Hub Love
Hozaifah A companion of the prophet
Houda Guided
Houd A prophets name
Hosni Beauty, Excellence
Hosaam Sword
Hooman Good soul, Good natured
Hood Name of a prophet of almighty, A prophet title of the 11th
Hizrat Freshness
Hissan Generous
Hisham Companion of prophet Muhammad, Generous
Hirz Another name of God, Place of refuge
Hiras Scratching, Scraping
Hirad Appearing fresh and healthy
Himayat Protection, Safeguarding
Hilmi Gentle, Calm
Hillah Shower of rain
Hilali Crescent-like
Hilal The new Moon
Hidayatullah Guidance of Allah
Hidayat Instruction
Hibban Fleshy, Angry
Hibbaan Fleshy, Angry
Hibah A gift from God
Heydar Lion
Hewad Homeland
Hesam Sharp sword
Hend Group of camels that number from 100 to 200
Heerad Appearing fresh and healthy
Hedayat Guide
Hazzar One who laughs often
Hazrat Prophet, Jesus
Hazir Another name of God, Present, Ready
Haziq Intelligent, Skillful
Hazin Treasurer
Hazim Firm, Resolute, Energetic
Hayyan Lively, Energetic
Hayyam Loving
Hayy Alive, Living
Haytham Young hawk
Haysam Lion
Hayl Heaped sand
Hayder Lion
Haydar Lion, Title of Ali
Hayaat Life
Hawshab (A son of iama Muslim had this Name)
Hatim Judge
Hatif Praiser, A voice from heaven
Hatib A wood collector
Hatem Judge, Justice, Decider
Hasshir An assembler
Hassan Laughter, Chandra (Moon), Beautiful, Handsome, Grandson of prophet Mohammed
Hassam Sword
Hasoun Virtuous
Hasnain The two hasans
Hask Acme of mountain
Hasin Beautiful, Handsome
Hasim Generosity, Prophets grandfather, Decisive
Hasil Producer
Hasif Judicious, Wise, Prudent
Hasib Reckoned, Another name of prophet Muhammad
Hashmat Glory, Joyful
Hashir Gatherer, One who assembles
Hashimi Hashemite, A nisba
Hashim Generosity, Prophets grandfather, Decisive
Hashid One who rallies people
Hasher Collector
Hashash Mirthful, Happy, Tidy
Hasham Servant
Haseeb Reckoned, Another name of prophet Muhammad
Hasanat Good deeds, Kind acts
Harut One of the two angels sent to babel
Harun Lofty or exalted, A prophets name (Aaron)
Harshit Beautiful, Friend, Colleague
Haroon Lofty or exalted, A prophets name (Aaron) (Celebrity Name: Ranvir Shorey and Konkona Sen Sharma)
Harmalah A plant african rue
Hariz The horizon, Strong, Secure, Guarded
Harisah Guardian, Protector
Haris Ploughman, Cultivator, Friend
Hareef Pungent, Acrid

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