In Ayurveda, any disease is treated keeping in mind the nature of the person. Ayurvedic treatment is based on Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It is necessary for these three to be balanced to stay healthy. When any of these is imbalanced in the body, many diseases start taking birth. Therefore, efforts should always be made to keep Vata, Pitta and Kapha balanced in every person's body. If we talk about Vata disease, then when it is imbalanced, dryness is felt in the body and the skin becomes pale. Today in this article you will know what is Vata disease and how it can be kept balanced -

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  1. What Is Vata Dosha?
  2. Symptoms Of Vata Dosha Imbalance
  3. Causes Of Vata Dosha
  4. Ways To Balance Vata Dosha
  5. Summary
Doctors for Ayurvedic Insights: What is Vata Dosha and How to Balance It Naturally

Vata is made up of two elements 'air and sky'. It is generally defined as cold, light and rough. People of Vata nature are considered thin and energetic. Vata disease can increase in the winter season. In this situation, a person may have to face joint pain etc. At the same time, people with Vata also have to face gas problems. To avoid Vata diseases, one should always try to keep it balanced. With the help of the right lifestyle and food, Vata disease can be kept in balance.

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When Vata dosha increases in the body, the following types of symptoms can be seen -

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The following reasons can be behind the increase in the level of Vata disease in the body -

  • Due to dry and cold weather, the level of Vata dosha can increase in the body.
  • This problem can also occur if you eat dry and cold food.
  • Vata dosha can increase in the body even if you are cold in nature.

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Whether it is Vata, Pitta or Kapha, it is important for all to be in balance. Vata disease can be balanced with the help of a good diet and lifestyle. Ways to balance Vata disease are as follows -

Eat Hot Things

Cold things can increase Vata Dosha. Therefore, if Vata has increased in your body, then start consuming hot foods. Vata can be balanced by eating hot things. For this, you can consume berries, bananas, peaches, cooked vegetables, brown rice and eggs. Apart from this, you can also include hot spices like black pepper, cinnamon and cloves etc. in the diet.

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Keep Away From Bitter Foods

Along with cold, dry and bitter foods can also increase Vata disease. Therefore, to keep Vata in balance, never consume bitter, dry and cold foods. Avoid consuming raw vegetables, cold sweets, dry fruits and seeds. To keep Vata balanced, one should also keep distance from caffeine and alcohol.

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Do Exercise Everyday

People with Vata diseases have to face more joint and muscle pain. In such a situation, to keep Vata in balance, definitely include exercise in your routine. To keep Vata balanced, you can do cycling, walking, yoga and light exercise. This also provides relief from pain in the body.

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Just like Pitta and Kapha, it is very important for Vata to remain in balance to stay healthy. When Vata is imbalanced, joint and digestive problems can arise. You can balance Vata only with the help of the right lifestyle and diet. If you do not get relief from this, then definitely consult an Ayurvedic doctor once.

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